Friday, April 07, 2006

My craft space or the lack of it

As you can see you dont need a clean large space to create in hahaha, that space that my mouse sits on is where I create, small huh! I am not that tidy of a person when it comes to my craft, heck if I tidied it all up I wouldnt find anything would I? My problem is I got banned from the kitchen and lounge room because I was too messy-tell me a creative artist who is tidy!!! So I found myself restrained to a room 8feet x 8feet with no shelves, just a desk and 2 wobbly fold down tables, so I do the best I can and it takes me half an hour to search for an 'ingredient'. I have learnt very quickly what patience and preplanning means, I was allowed one shelf in the linen closet in the hallway for my stuff but for some reason I have now taken over 4 shelves of it-I didnt do it!!

Check out some of these to die for stamping rooms. Personally I would like to have one like Cathy's. If only dreams could come true!!!
Cathy's Stamping Oasis
Christy's art Studio
Dee's Stamping Room
Jan's Art & Craft Room
Stamper's Workspace
Rubber Stamp Artist's rooms

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