Friday, April 18, 2008

11 more days to go

Well excitement all around for me. As my countdown shows its 11 days and some change. Off on this exciting trip of a lifetime and it's all thanks to my wonderful online friend Jackie Kalchert.

I commissioned a friend to make an Australian quilt for her, it had Australian animals and flora on it, I mailed it to her because I couldnt possibly fit it into my already bulging suitcases. It's a little bigger than a knee rug. WOW that looks bigger than a knee rug.

This week she mailed a card she had made out of a picture of the quilt, how sweet she is

She's very thoughtful like that and that's why I love her, just wish we could live closer, I can't wait to spend time with her at her home and craft and laugh and drink lots of tea, together with our friends Aida and Bridget (the other one) Danson.

Well I counter surprised her and contacted her children and asked if they would fund a trip for her to come back with me and they gave her that as her birthday present so she is packing her bags and leaving with me in June to return to Australia and visit for the first time. That will be the best 22 hour plane trip I will thoroughly enjoy, unfortunately she will be flying back to Canberra before me and leave me at Sydney airport on the journey back as she could not get a seat on my plane. Oh well she will just have to chat up the Aussie police and security guys at the airport while she waits for me. So I'm organising a luncheon back in Sydney for her on June 15th at Cafe 88, Parramatta Leagues Club. See you there!!!

I've had a look around the cruise liner Norwegian Pearl on to see what we are in for and it's an amazing ship, not only is it a new ship but a colourful one at that, matching my personality LOL. Well I am not new anymore but I feel new each day I wake up and thank God for all the rich blessings in my life. It wouldn't worry me if the ship was docked at the harbour all 7 days and didn't go anywhere, I would be just as happy to be on it.

Of course we have Tim Holtz teaching us 5 classes and he sent us a 2 page letter telling us all what we are in for, of course he has kept some secrets. Checkout his website with the lin kto the right and see the 10,000+ papers and stuff he has for us on the cruise.

Speaking of Tim Holtz, I have something funny to tell, in June last year when I found out I was going on this cruise I made an envelope to put anything I wanted in there including money I could put away, well the other day hubby left his wallet in the car which I took to work and he needed money so I told him to go into the place I hid this envelope and take out what he wanted, well as you can see from the envelope Tim Holtz picture is on it and he asked me who this guy was that I was meeting on the cruise, I told him Tim Holtz is every crafters boyfriend LOL.


  1. Bridget,
    have a fantastic trip - I'm so envious!
    Michelle Brown
    Murrumbeena Vic

  2. Hi Bridget! I too am so excited about being on MY CRUISE with Tim LOL! Oh my, hope your DH doesn't read this he will be truly confused!

    I just got thinking there must be other bloggers talking about being excited about the cruise! How wonderful that you will get to share this time with your good friend too! Can't wait to meet you on the ship I know we are gonna have fun!

  3. Anji GallanosApril 24, 2008

    Hi Bridget..Anji here with The Creating Place..we have had amazing weather here and you will love it. Our store is located right on the main can see it on Google Maps if you type in 175 S. Franklin Street Juneau, Alaska. In fact you can see pretty much all of Juneau this way. They did street view photos last summer of the whole town! We'll make sure our hours accomodate your ship. We're very excited to meet you

    Anji, Jen & Amy
    The Creating Place
    Juneau, Alaska

  4. Hi Bridget, have an amazing time, and thanks for keeping us posted on what you're up to, even if i am a shocker at replying!!! soz. Get intouch, or send us a link to see some pics when you get back.. :) Love always, Jacqui & Kelvin Boehinger


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