Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cards to Share

Made these cards last week

I thought I'd share this with all the crafters
10. You're contemplating building an addition onto the house to hold it all
9. Your children sleep in the kitchen because they're scared of the
 'supply monster' looking in their dark rooms
8. You open the medicine cabinet to get an aspirin and suddenly you have 
a sink full of beads...and an aspirin bottle full of the same.
7. You can't find your curling iron, so you've taken to hot gluing your bangs in place
6. Your latest batch of cupcakes look awesome..but then you realise it's because 
you used plastic glitter instead of sprinkles.
5. You hold a destash sale, get rid of all of it, and it now looks like you moved out.
4. You accidentally pack paper mache' fruit for your child's lunch..which 
goes well with that needle felted 'sandwich' they got last week.
3. "Romantic Nights" are often ruined by finding pairs of pliers
or skeins of yarn in the bed.
2. Your family has accepted the fact that their inheritance will be paid
 in beads, sequins and scrapbook paper.
1. The local craft store refers people to your house when they run out of something


  1. Thanks for the giggle, Bridget :-). Love the cards, particularly the second one - the colours and simplicity of it really appeal.

  2. oh my, I can relate to your funny list. alas, oh so true. i really like your cards and have started pleating ribbon on some of mine lately. I also like to use pearls to embellish and often use those neat pearl pens. thanks for sharing!

  3. I Love the butterflies with the flowers, lovely idea!

  4. Hey Bridget, The cards look very professional and your list for crafters made me smile and laugh(especially number 6. the cupcake comment). Someone who I was very close to passed away last year and left me an inheritance of craft supplies. It's a treasure and it so reminds me of them :)

  5. Exquisite design, I like those cards. Greetings.

  6. lovely cards Bridget! Thanks for popping by and for your comment. We had a lovely day at the Port Sunlight show yesterday where I demonstrated for Carol. Lovely people and a very friendly atmosphere.
    Love Jo x


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