Sunday, November 02, 2014

Cold Remedy the Old Fashioned Way

The Northern Hemisphere is coming into winter so I thought I'd share this "I swear by" cold remedy.
I made this cold and cough drink which consists of slices of lemon, fill jar with honey to cover lemons, add about a 2inch size of ginger sliced. When you want to make a hot drink scoop out a spoonful into a cup and add hot water. Voila infused ginger, lemon and honey drink to sooth that sore throat. We are coming out of our flu season and going into spring but I drink a cup of this a day all year round to keep bugs away from me and build my immune system up for the next winter season. Store in fridge, keeps up to 3 months if there is any left hahaha. Below is what it looks like after a few weeks in the fridge. Be sure to scoop the honey from the bottom as well.

A bee keeper told me not to put it in the microwave to loosen the honey, just put the bottle in a bowl of hot water and let it melt on its own, heat takes the nutrients out of it.


  1. Great timing we just got snow today

  2. Oh, this is just my sort of thing, I think I will have to make some of this.....


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