Tuesday, March 10, 2015

T for Tuesday and Weekend Markets

 A year ago we moved to the most beautiful state in Australia, Queensland the Sunshine State and the city of Brisbane where the G20 summit was held last year. We've discovered weekend markets are in abundance here. This is the Redcliffe Markets on the foreshore of Redcliffe Jetty.

We aim to visit as many markets as we can on the weekends to find out what awesome stuff is around. So Stay tuned
 There were many wonderful stalls there with food and other items of interest 

I've taken to eating this for lunch or dinner, rye cruskits with avocado, tomato and tuna and my homemade tomato chutney. YUmmmmmm

Here are more teapots from Mt Tambourine Tea shop

Joining Bluebeard and Elisabeth for T for Tuesday


  1. When I saw that market, I was so impressed. It reminded me of an ANNUAL event we have here each autumn, called Autumn and the Arts. Ours is only a three day event, but all the booths with their various wares made me think of ours. You are SO lucky, and to have such lovely weather to enjoy it, too.

    I really enjoyed the tea pots this week. Seems the elephants don't forget (grin). Thanks for sharing these, your delightful tuna concoction, and the market with us for T this Tuesday, dear Bridget.

  2. I always enjoy open air markets like this, only wish there were more in our area. Your lunch looks and sounds divine, and like something I would eat a couple times a day too.

    LOVE all the elephant tea pots, I've never seen anything like them. The colors are fantastic.

    Thanks for the T-day comment this week, I'm enjoying my new oasis.

  3. I just love to walk around markets like that. I'm just loving seeing all these tea pots! Happy T day my friend! Hugs!deb

  4. So fun to visit markets! I only wish there were more in our area. Your crackers look heavenly to me and I could eat those every day too. Love those teapots- I want an elephant one! Happy T day and thanks for sharing your beautiful city.

  5. Fantastic market ! Thank you for sharing Bridget!
    Happy T-Day

  6. I'd enjoy the markets, I can tell :) Those elephant teapots! Those look like great fun.

  7. those tea pots are really amazing...and your light meal looks quite scrumptious! I also love markets, so what a fun adventure for you to check them out -- thanks for taking us along!

  8. OH I LOVE market days!!!!! So much eye candy ♥ Those Teapots are adorable too... Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

  9. love markets and its so funny to see shorts as we are still cold up here

  10. Lovely photos, Bridget! Nice to imagine where you are. It all looks so bright and sunny and lovely. Thank you for your comment and the links and for your prayers and good wishes for my surgery on Wednesday.



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