Tuesday, June 23, 2015

T for Tuesday Pig n Whistle and USS George Washington

I started a Meme about A Postcard A Day, if like me you enjoy postcards then you will love travelling vicariously around the world with me. HERE is Day 1 and HERE is Day 2

Last Friday we had a humongous visitor from the USA in the form of a navy ship called USS George Washington. Holy cow it can steam for 18 years without refuelling because of the nuclear reactors on it. 

We went and ate at and English establishment called Pig N Whistle. We've walked past it many times and it looked great with lovely music and wonderful atmosphere.

Michael enjoyed listening to his fellow countrymen talk, he said it was nice to hear it again live and not just on tv as it seems to sound different. 

This is what we ate, we didnt fancy the main course and just ordered 2 entrees and a salad 
 Spicy chicken wings, I love the news article it was sitting in, if it wasnt so greasy and spoilt I would have folded it up and brought it home to read LOL. some kind of sauce that tasted really strange to me, accompanied it
 Pork ribs was absolutely yummy with my favourite corn on it. I now realise my diet must be English as I love all the stuff they have
 The salad was lovely but it had rocket in it and I do not like the taste of rocket bleeeuucccc!!!, of course the customary drink, Michael had a guinness and I had my usual alcoholic drink of Lime Lemonade and Bitters tee hee
Wasn't it nice of the Pig N Whistle to make this board for the visitors! There was a security guard standing right beside me so I tried to make out I was texting and took this photo.

A very impressive Nimitz class ship indeed

Here are some Brisbane news reports about it's arrival. COURIER MAIL  BRISBANE TIMES
Type of Vessel: Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding Company
Contract Date: December 27, 1982
Keel Laid: August 25, 1986
Christened: July 21, 1990
Commissioned: July 4, 1992
Propulsion: Two nuclear reactors that permit the ship to steam for almost 18 years before refueling. 
Speed: More than 30 knots
Length of Flight Deck: 1,092 feet
Width of Flight Deck: 275 feet
Height (keel to mast): 244 feet
Flight Deck Area: 4.5 acres
Combat Load Displacement: 97,000 tons
Number of aircraft with embarked Airwing: About 75
Aircraft Elevators: Four, each 3,880 square feet
Number of Catapults: Four
Number of Propellers: Four, each 22 ft. in diameter, brass, five-bladed and weighing 66,200 pounds each. 
Number of Anchors: Two, each weighing about 30 tons
Crew accommodations: 6,250
Length of Flight Deck: 1,092 feet
Meals served daily: 18,000
Number of Compartments and Spaces: 3,360
Number of Telephones: 2,000
Capacity of Air Conditioning System: 3,267 tons
Daily capacity of Fresh Water Distilling Plants: 400,000 gal., enough to supply 2,000 homes
Lighting Fixtures: 30,000
Length of Wiring and Cable: More than 1,400 miles
Tons of Structural Steel: 60,000

                                    Joining Bluebeard and Elisabeth for T for Tuesday


  1. Oh Bridget that pork looks fabulous - pity about the rocket - I actually love it - just like I love chilli in chocolate :-)

  2. Wow, you were in the right place at the right time. What a wonderful meal, too. I might actually have enjoyed the meal, even though I'm a vegetarian. I have no idea what rocket is, though. Guess I'll do an internet search for it.

    Love your latest blog banner. Unique collage.

    Thanks for sharing your food and drink at the Pig n Whistle and the information on the USS George Washington. I was shocked at 18,000 meals a day.

    BTW, I am NOT a drinker, but I absolutely adore Guinness.

  3. Wow..this looks YUMMIE! Delightful! And your new banner is fab!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. Lovely place, I'm an anglophile and would go there all the time if it was jn my neighbourhood! Rocket is called mustard cabbage in Swedish (but it is sold as ruccola, to make it sound more Italian), it sounds tastier than rocket...

    Happy T-Day!

  5. That food looks amazing...esp the Guiness. :) I'd love to see a ship like that. We keep talking about getting out to NC to see the shipyards. Both of our dad's were in the Navy so it would be a good thing for our family to experience.
    Happy T day!

  6. Sometimes when seeing huge ships like that I have to wonder HOW in the world they can even float ... silly I know but I also still marvel at airplanes.
    Traveling is a favorite thing of mine and getting to travel vicariously is lots of fun too!
    Happy T Day Bridget

  7. The food looks soooo good! I'd love to taste how it's different from pork ribs and chicken wings here. I know I'd enjoy it :)

  8. The food looks very yummy! I love going to fun places to eat and have a drink or two. Thanks for sharing.

  9. So funny! I've never heard of that ship.
    Looks like a wonderful place to eat.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  10. So many different ways to speak English lol. The food looks delicious.

  11. I'm with you on the rocket - in fact I hate mixed leaves that seem to arrive with everything in the UK! What a sight that ship must have been! Sorry for being so late - yesterday turned out to be a bit hectic! Chrisx

  12. I have know idea what a rocket is either but you have me curious! I'm so sorry for the belated Tday flyby! Hugs! deb

  13. Glorious post!Love your fried chicken!Sorry for the belated T day.


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