Thursday, July 16, 2015

Postcrossing 10th Anniversary Winners

I ran a 10th Year Anniversary Lottery on Postcrossing to celebrate 10 years of postcards crossing the world. I will be sending out 10 postcards to the following people of my choosing or a Greetings From Australia card for those who requested it. Congratulations to the following winners

# 2 Snowflake or Olesya Russia 

#11 nediam_nori or Suvi Finland

#19 estrambotica Irma Lithuania

#22 tgkos Tatiana Russia

#23 imaisha A'ishah Malaysia

#27 Calialf  USA

#28 kyoko145 Canada

#34 greenkiwi Marina Russia

#38 abbyaguas Phillipines

#42 kisselenok Russia

I was able to contact everyone except # 38 and # 42 as postcrossing locked me out due to too many messages sent LOL. So if you two see this message and are able to contact me by emailing me or sending me a U2U that would be awesome

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