Tuesday, August 04, 2015

T Tuesday - Stools and my new Tea cup and teapot

 A couple of weeks ago Elizabeth commented on my stools, so I thought I'd show you all the stools I have to help this shorty get to where I need to to hang clothes, get into cupboards. The little blue one was bought for my daughters when they were little and they sat on it in the lounge room to watch tv I need to repaint it. Its a dangerous stool to stand on as it topples over sideways-you can see the legs arent flush to the side. I have had many a tumble off it so i dont climb on it anymore. I just use it sit on it if I need to be at ground level.

The middle grey one is a caravan step stool, very sturdy and that is how I get up and hang clothes on the giant size clothes line that was made for 7foot people LOL.

The third arty one was bought from a shop and that lives under my computer when I have my legs on it, you can see the bottom step worn out where I put my foot
 This one was made by my mothers friend, rough as heck but I love it as its the most stable and sturdy to climb on to get to higher cupboards, one day I may paint it but I am not a DIY person.
 I went to our city office two weeks ago and went into my favourite store Sanchurro I love their donuts but I spied this on their shelves and just had to have one. A one cup teapot with its own strainer and a hot chocolate cup. The teapot makes more than the cup can hold.
 I loved the wording on the inside edge of the cup and the outside of the teapot
So far I'm none the wiser hahahaha, and I've drunk oodles of tea from it now. Never believe a sales pitch. 

Joining Elizabeth and Bluebeard for T for Tuesday.


  1. 1Interesting to see yoour stools. I have the exact caravan step as you have. It is very stable.
    Love the tea pot! Wisdom in a tea bag....

  2. I know what you mean about tumbling off stools :-(. I have a two step ladder that my Mum had - love it for all the high shelves!
    Love your tea pot and mug - the 'advertising' is fabulous, even if it is not true ;-)!

  3. I think I need such a stool.. don't have such a handy thing yet. Your look very good and a wonderful teapot and mug ! Happy T-Day!

  4. I'd never seen the caravan stool before I mentioned it a few weeks ago. It looks very sturdy. I have two that fold up and are one step only. They both have a label on them stating the stool holds 300 lbs. I'm all about safety (grin).

    I like both the teapot and the matching tea cup. Don't let Debbie see the teapot, or she'll use the saying in her tea inspired AB (grin).

    Thanks for sharing how you overcome your height problem, as well as your lovely new tea additions with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. I'm short, too, so I have a fondness for step stools.

    You are showing your wisdom by drinking the tea. The wisdom causes the tea drinking, and not the other way around ;)

  6. what a clever post! I love your stools and that sweet little tea pot and cup! ...now I am wondering if I need a stool for my feet under MY computer....brilliant!

  7. That is an adorable teapot and cup!!!! Love seeing all of your stools. I have to use a step ladder to reach the top selves in my cabinets and I keep saying I"m going to get a couple of stools to have around for that . Thanks for sharing .

  8. I love your stools, being a shorty myself I have some fold out steps for reaching high stuff! I did use my granchildrens bathroom stool(plastic) until I felt it give a little under my feet!!!! As for the under computer stool I have a pile of old books!! I love your tea pot but being a coffee drinker it wouldn't do for me!! Happy T day! Chrisx

  9. I'd be scared to step on that little blue one, too. I need stools everywhere, too, being 5'1"--and even more so here at the new place. I can't reach the higher cupboards and barely reach the top clothes poles in the closet, for example. I think I will be looking for a couple more stools, myself. Love the little tea pot! Happy T-Day! :)

  10. Love your flower stepstool! And the little tea pot and cup... I'm so glad you shared this T Tuesday! Hugs! deb

  11. Love your tea pot and your cup.Adorable!Love your stools too!


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