Tuesday, October 06, 2015

PCAD - A Postcard a day - Ceejaye - USA

 Ceejaye from Postcrossing sent me these Amish postcards that I love. She writes Lancaster in Pennsylvania is a peaceful lovely fertile farming area known for the Amish Community- a Christian sect who reject tech and modern ways and choose to live very old fashioned lives in old fashioned ways using horses. 

She also sent me another one which she didnt have to, so that was really generous of her.

These were the stamps that were on the envelope, I wonder if each state has their own stamps?

Ceejaye also enclosed these used stamps for my collection, so kind of her and love it when people read your profile and send you your hearts desires.

THANK YOU CEEJAY, you have made my day!!!
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  1. These are stunning cards Bridget - I love the Amish fiction that is the available now and admire their choice to live a simple lifestyle. Great selection of stamps too :-)

    1. I didn't know there was Amish fiction....

  2. Yes, what lovely cards. So kind of her to send you another one. Plus the stamps!
    I saw a documentary once about the Amish and I really fancied leading a life like they do. We have lived in a Christian community before and I like it. But I think I would make a lousy farmer! lol


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