Friday, November 13, 2015

PCAD 0143 - Meeting Card Swap - Bielefeld Germany

I received the best card so far from a Postcrossing Meeting today.  All over the world there are gatherings organised within Postcrossing, of members who get together at cafes or where ever. Members either take their own cards to sign or purchase specially made cards like this one. I am not sure what the picture signifies. I have asked in the forum what the picture is and will come back and explain but my guess is that someone has these piles of postcards to send out to people who have requested meeting cards, hence the paper wrapped around each bundle that would have the names and addresses of people who have wanted to swap postcards. Pretty clever postcard- I love it and thanks to whomever sent it to me.

Usually the meeting only lasts a few hours but this particular one went over 4 days with accommodation and meals. WOW

As you can see from the back, you cant tell who sent it to you. I believe 60 people attended this meeting, there was also a waiting list of 40 WOW. So not everyone gets to sign a postcard as I counted 34 names on here.

I myself will be attending my first Postcrossing meeting in Sydney Australia which is in another state, this meeting coincides with a postcard fair on the 22nd November.


  1. Great idea! I had heard about the meetings. How exciting that you are going to a meeting in Sydney. Do you have to fly there? Or are you driving? It's a long drive.

    1. hahaha it is a 10.5hr drive there so i will be flying down in the morning and flying back up in the evening.


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