Sunday, February 07, 2016

A Month of Letters - Day 7

This one went out to a penpal I found on Letterset. A dear old Gentleman who is a prolific writer, no sooner do I send him an email to let him know there is snail mail coming-then boom he replies. A great story of love between him and his wife Lillian and a funny story of how they met in an army mess hall.

Woohoo I made it 7 days of mail and this is how many I've sent out this week 31 pieces 
Ran out of post boxes around the area now so will have to go global 
hahaha well the next suburb at least.

 February is a Month of Letters where we send at least one piece of mail a day via snail mail to someone.


  1. I'm so impressed with how prolific you've been this first week. And I love that Year of the Monkey stamp - such a great design.

  2. You really are getting into this in a big way Bridget - well done, and I love all your decorated envelopes and postcards. You are nearly keeping the Aussie P.O. in business single handed!

  3. People use different style for their expression. There might be some people who love to take such style as send postcards and letter through Its stylish way but also a remembering style. Many people still use this way for their expression. Its two way traffic as people made response for same.


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