Monday, February 01, 2016

A Month of Letters - Today is the Day - Day 1

My first mail went out for this month of challenges

Well it has begin, the month long letter writing where you send either regular mail or mail to random people you have never written to. What better way to start this off than with a HAND CANCELLED (one of the categories) postcard to my husband for our 15th Wedding Anniversary on 3rd February. He checks our home letter box on his way home from work - well he comes in through the front gate while I come home via the back gate.

AnySoldier was my choice to send to MAIL A SERVICE MEMBER

GIRLS LOVE MAIL - Ladies going through breast cancer.

For FAN MAIL I chose Australian Season Two The Voice winner Harrison Craig (18 years old just left high school when he won) who has a voice like Elvis and his profile almost looked like Elvis too. As some of you know how much I love Elvis. His coach was Seal. You can listen to him singing  
  It had better be tonight   (he looks like Elvis in this video)
ooh he gives me goosebumps, can you tell I like this guy. His story is remarkable, he stuttered alot but when he sings you can't tell. Watch him here with a bad stutter at the beginning of The Voice 
I hope he gets this mail, I could not find a fan club for him anywhere online, so I am taking a punt and addressing it like this hahahahaha, I also put his photo on so they know who I mean. I mean they send letters to Santa that kids address: To Santa, North Pole....and it gets there!!

So the rest of the mail consisted of the following categories: REPLY, A SPOT OF MAIL, INTERNATIONAL, BIRTHDAY, and PACKAGE which are all in the above photo.

I also need to find a new postbox to post my mail. The programme encourages us to find a new postbox and look at the surroundings. Below is the photo of the sculpture and the postboxes behind it. The red one is for ordinary mail and the yellow one is for express mail and to the right with the sign POST above the door is the post office. This is a different post box to where I put my letters in. I am very lucky to have a post box right outside my house. I shall post it up tomorrow

 This is the postbox by my post office where I pick up my mail, the photo below are the postboxes

 This was right behind/in front of those postboxes and that building/steps you see in the background is the railway station


  1. Great start to your month of letters.

  2. Bridget you really are rocking this challenge - love how you show your hand posting those beautifully decorated envelopes. Love how you hare going to 'post' to your hubby :-) Happy Anniversary for tomorrow

  3. Wow! You have been a busy girl! All those categories. Well done you!
    I'm sure the young singer will get his letter, especially if he is very popular.(You might get a reply!)


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