Friday, May 06, 2016

Interesting Reading-Message in a Bottle and Little Free Library

Interesting Postcards on Kickstarter "Gert Paenen Rare Fish dont come in tins"

Don't ask me why but I am fascinated by Messages in a Bottle, i dont even like mystery stories LOL.
so here are a few Mystery in Bottles blogs. We live so close to the ocean I should try this but I do have to find a good bottle, trouble is it will probably show up in Sydney hahaha

Why ocean scientists hope someone gets your message in a bottle

Oldest message in a Bottle  bobs up after 108 years WOW

Another article about the above

Guinness World Record of message in a bottle

Message in a bottle hunter

I love this idea of the Little Free Libraries, how is it that the authorities have nothing better to do than regulate and fine something that is so community minded and not hurting people grrr (there are 3 different links above to this lovely project. I found out about it through Elizabeth and Bleubeards T Tuesday article. Will you build one?

Awesome teeth whitening with natural products

A tip on how to survive the Australian Outback and a tragic tale of when those tips arent adhered to

More lessons on surviving the Outback

I know one day I'll want to make my own stuff and this lady from Down to Earth is the Queen of homemade everything. She lives an hour north of us.

To die for Penmanship, the shit one is really funny!!!

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