Wednesday, May 04, 2016


So do you have a pattern of where you sit as in must have stuff beside you? I noticed that I do, I have a chair to the right of me and left of me to put stuff down on. 2 tables just isnt enough for me hee hee
As you can see my craft room is also the laundry and mini kitchen so I can make my cups of tea without having to trudge upstairs. The large box with plastic in it is a rubbish bin and sits to my left under the table. I empty that out every 3 months or earlier depending on how much I've been creating. The table to the left has a huge A1 cutting mat which I use to photograph on or assemble stuff together, it has more room that the wooden table. It also has a glass tile on it for photographing. Its still hot here 28C today so the black and green fan sits to my right keeping me cool
Looking from the other side I now have the tv set up where I craft instead of at the computer side in the far corner, which made more sense as I spend more time crafting that I do at the computer (sometimes). I also need a table in front of the tv to put materials I need for the current project I am undertaking. The blue bottles are water bottles and I aim to drink both in a day which equates to 3litres of water that we need

Some of my recent creations can be seen Wedding Ring or Favour box and Wedding Thank You card and Wedding Invitation from my Wedding series of items that I love creating.


  1. Hello Bridget, gorgeous wedding collection and I love the little box ... so beautiful. I stand when I am crafting and when I'm on the computer. No seat for me, room to small and I am moving around too much :)
    sandra de @14

  2. I'm envying you the heat it's freezing here, wet, hailstone, even snow last Friday.
    I alternate between standing and sitting at my desk but at night when crafting on the sofa I have a basket of whatever I'm doing on my right and a cuppa on my left
    Have a good week
    Lynn 16 x

  3. Wow, that's the busiest craft desk I've seen for a while!! How do you keep track of everything?!
    Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

  4. Good morning, Bridget. Could you send a little - just a little - of your warmth over here? It's spring, but only just warming up here in Wales. Was snowing last week!!! Your work space is amazing - it's huge. So much to peek at. Wow.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  5. A crafty place to work 7 make lovely projects I think. Jill #6

  6. What a fabulous set up you have there Bridget - loads of space and schtuff!!

  7. Bridget, what a fabulous work space and you have so much stuff, but it all looks well organised, so you know where things are.
    I popped over to see the wedding box and it is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing
    Chris #10

  8. Enjoyed your post. I'm not so particular about what all is around me, anything and everything could end up on the floor in my studio. Have a good week. Susanne #29

  9. Oh my gosh, you have a complete workshop there! Just goes to show you can never have enough work surfaces! Happy Wednesday! zsuzsa #32

  10. Lots of activity going on there. My room is similar but wth a lot more stuff on the floor! Lol
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #30

  11. That's such a great crafty space. Lucky you not to have to go too far to make a cup of tea lol.

    Have a great crafty week
    Sharon K #39

  12. Hi Bridget! So fun to see your space from two different views. My laundry room is at one end of my craft room in the basement. And I drink a lot of tea, too and have a mirco-wave down here in my craft room to warm a cup up. I bring it down with me to craft and then forget about it and it gets cold, so I stick it in micro-wave to warm it up. Trouble is, sometimes I forget about it again! Oops, a week later, not very appetizing when I open up that mircro wave! LOL Thanks for the peek. #46

  13. Love your play space - I sometimes put up a card table for setting stuff down on! Chrisx 34

  14. Always love to see your desks, so much going on. You look extra busy this week. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 24

  15. WOW to your wedding collection. Each piece is so gorgeous! Your workspace is wonderful; you have so much room. Happy Wednesday, LisaDV 36

  16. Such a wonderful space, definitely lots to play with Take care Zo xx 35

  17. What a lovely busy craft space, so much to see.


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