Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well wishes from everyone - Keira

Keira click on the comments button to read all the birthday messages from everyone

All my love..................Marm

This was me at 24

This was me at 19

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEIRA. wow 21 huh, very cool, how does it feel to be older. Hope you have a lovely time in Europe and make lots of friends and bring back lovely memories, and don't get married there like Darryl did, it's too far and too cold to come and visit you.
    I love you...........MARM

  2. Hello Keira,
    Sending you special wishes on your 21 st birthday may all your dreams and wishes come true.

    Happy Birthday and enjoy your working holiday hope it isn't all work and you get some play time.

    Beth Ullman

  3. Happy Birthday Keira all the very best for your 21st and congratulations to you Bridget for surviving Keira's 1st 21 years - they are a pleasure really and by the look of you young Keira you are the image of your Mum ... have a great birthday and three cheers all round ... OOroo ... Bethel

  4. Happy Birthday Keira, I hope you have a wonderful day, a wonderful year & and even more wonderful life.
    I've not had the pleasure of meeting you or your Mum but have know Bridget for a few years from internet groups we share memberships to.

    Happy days......Heather Askitis

  5. Keira...I've seen a few photos of you over the past two years. You've grown into a beautiful young woman, and your mother is very proud of you. Happy 21st birthday!

    Evelyn in Oregon, USA

  6. Howdy Keira!

    Happy 21st Birthday to you. I hope you have a wonderful and memorable birthday.

    I know your marm from BoomerangStampersList. I live in Taiwan and she was one of the first people to send me a card and ATCs when I joined the group. She's a lovely lady and so are you!

    All my best,
    Lisa Kelly

  7. Hi Keira,
    What a beautiful young woman you are. Best wishes on your 21st birthday and may your coming year be full of surprise and adventure!

    Have a lovely trip!

    Poulsbo, WA

  8. Happy "21st" Birthday, Keira. What a beautiful name and what a beautiful young woman you are. May you enjoy your Birthday and also your working Holiday and party, party, party.....ooops, Mom, don't read this part!!....

    Lori Auge-O'Hara
    Zimmerman, USA

  9. Happy birthday Keira! Hope you have an amazing day.

    (I know your Marm from Stamphappy, and other stamping lists.)

  10. Jackie KalchertFebruary 17, 2008

    Well Keira, it's hard to believe you are 21! Harder for your mum to belive I'm sure. Remeber to keep a joyful heart, and be happy. No one can make you happy but yourself so stay the beautiful young woman you are and let only good things into your life. Happy Birthday!
    With Love,

  11. Eunice CreswellFebruary 17, 2008

    Dear Keira, Here's a TO DO List for a wonderful time in Europe!

    1- Enjoy yourself!
    2- Take LOTS of pictures
    3- E-mail your mom, frequently
    4- Journal DAILY!
    5- Enjoy yourself!
    6- Collect "stuff" (for the memory book you or your mom will make)
    7- Did you write your mom today?
    8- Remember the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, colors ...
    make lists!
    9- Enjoy yourself! Play hard
    10- Oh, yeah, put your all into your work as well!

    Eunice Creswell
    a friend of your mom from Okemos, Michigan U.S.A.

  12. Happy 21st Birthday!!! Congratulations and best wishes! I know you must be wonderful, unique, special, talented and loving woman because I know your mom is! Have a great birthday!

  13. Violet KikiloiFebruary 17, 2008

    Hau'oli La Hanau
    Violet Kikiloi

    Happy Birthday in Hawaiian

  14. Melissa Ragsdill aka Lady ChatFebruary 17, 2008

    To Keira...

    If you are half as great as I think your mom is, then you must be perfect. I hope you have the Grandest time in Europe, and please send us pictures if you can. of my friends recently become a grandmother for the first time, and her dgd was named Keira too. I thought that was wonderful.

    Love, Melissa
    (aka Lady Chat)

    dgd = darling grand daughter

  15. Happy 21st. Hope you have a lovely day and all the best for the coming years. I'm sure you'll enjoy your European working holiday. Just don't work to hard!!

    Pam Fuda
    Sydney NSW

  16. Uncle Devlin ChungFebruary 17, 2008

    Dearest Keira Darling,

    As you embark on your auspicious journey into adulthood as a twenty one year old, Aunty Patricia, Uncle Devlin, Jeremy & Roger send you our sincere good wishes on your birthday and trust you will enjoy life as a young adult with every hope and love from all of us for a secure and happy future. May the good Lord bless you with love abounding and keep you safe from harm on your travels abroad!

    With God’s Blessings,

    Aunty Patricia, Uncle Devlin, Jeremy & Roger

  17. Darlene LeMarFebruary 17, 2008

    Happy Birthday Keira from Chicago, Illinois where it is very cold and snowy. Have the most awesome time traveling in Europe! Enjoy each day as it is a gift to you. May you have a very blessed birthday and travel days.

    Darlene LeMar
    An on-line stamping friend of your Mother.

  18. "Keira it's been a joy to watch you grow into such a beautiful young woman, we're delighted to have shared in a part of your life".

  19. Darrell and Jules ChauFebruary 18, 2008

    Hi Keira - glad to see you coming this way at long last! Its been about 3 years since we spoke about it and its great to see it about to happen. Remember to drop in and say hi to Jules and I since you are going to be in the "neighbourhood". Hope you have a fantastic 21st birthday bash and I know the future is bright and holds many possibilities - it will be an exciting time for you! All the best and get in touch when you land on this side of the world. You're not too far from family wherever you go these days!

    Darrell & Jules

  20. Marion GoslingFebruary 18, 2008

    My goodness Keira!!! What do mean you are turning 21??? How can this be??? What happened to the gorgeous little girls that we took driving round to see the Xmas lights one year..... do you remember??? We had the 2 door little green car and someone went to point at some pretty lights and there was a frog crawling up the INSIDE of the window!!! I can laugh about it now but at the time the scene must've looked like 50 centapedes trying to escape from a matchbox!!! Luckily your Dad saved the day (very bravely, I might add, cos he's admitted that he didn't like frogs either) and I just bailed out with you 4 kids and left him to deal with it.(getting rid of the frog, I mean).

    Anyway Keira, have a fantastic birthday and good fun in Europe!! Did you know Alison's been in UK for 7 months now?? She's in Ireland just now and looking at going to Turkey in April, will send this message onto her and I'm sure she'll want to keep in touch. Where abouts will you go to first??
    Hope this finds you happy and healthy, love Marion xoxox

  21. Happy 21st. Birthday, Keira. You are such a beautiful young woman with a real adventure planned. Enjoy every moment of it. Take in the sights, scents and sounds of all the new people and places you will see. Keep those memories deep within you so you can tell your grandchildren about them. You are so special and so loved. A wonderful lifetime awaits you. Enjoy the ride.
    Judy Buczkiewicz-(mom's friend from Tinley Park, Illinois USA

  22. Dawn McKenzieFebruary 18, 2008

    hi Keria best wishes for your 21st. and the best of luck and enjoyment with your trip overseas i like to see the young ones live a bit before they decide to settle down lol
    Dawn & Harry Mc.Kenzie Raleigh n.s.w. friend by internet of your mums

  23. Annette LankerFebruary 18, 2008

    Happy 21st Birthday, Keira!!

    Congratulations!! Today you truly become an adult and you need to celebrate that. Please remember to thank all of those people who helped you along the way to become the wonderful woman that you are. You are blessed to have a fantastic supportive mother. Have a fabulous holiday and don't work too hard while in Europe.


    Annette Lanker Tacoma, Washington USA

  24. Aida JanssenFebruary 18, 2008

    Hi Keira a little birdie told me that you are having a birthday soon and that you will be 21 years young....

    Enjoy yourself on that day, and I wish you the best life ever, wishing you this all the way from Nevada.

    Hugs Aida
    Las Vegas and California, USA

  25. Trish FoetschlFebruary 18, 2008

    Hello Keira

    Your mum tells me it’s your 21st birthday – congratulations! I met your mum many years ago when we joined the Baby Sitting Co-Op at Chipping Norton. I looked after you and your sister Emma on a few occasions. You were probably only about 7 or 8 years old at the time and may not remember me! It was always a pleasure to come and mind you both as you were beautiful, well-mannered girls and a delight to take care of. One night you were telling me about going to Hawaii to be flower-girls at your aunt’s wedding.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Europe – it’s a big, beautiful world out there and it’s fantastic that you have the opportunity to travel before settling down to marriage and kids of your own! Again, Happy Birthday, with love and best wishes from

    Trish Foetschl
    Sydney Australia

  26. Hey Bridget, great to hear that Kiera is coming over to Europe, its a great way to learn and discover all kinds of new things. i cant believe she's nearly 21 aswell!! that means its nearly my turn ..scary. i remember the times you would come to visit or we'd visit you and we'd all be dancing around to that song 'aga-doo'! and having a blast. anyway i wish her all the best for her 21st, and for the Europe trip!! it'd be great to catch up over here if she has a chance. lots of love to you all!! xoxoxo Alison Gosling

  27. Ian and Daydrian MarFebruary 20, 2008

    Happy 21st Birthday

    Its funny how time flies when you hardly notice how big and how quickly the little nieces and nephews grow until you actually get a reminder of the upcoming birthdays.

    It makes us older generation feel like it is our time to start looking for our new companion who will be with us for the remainder of our lives…. “ A Walking Stick ” (I can just imagine what your grand aunties and grand uncles will moan to themselves after reading this statement…hahaha….)

    Anyway,you have grown into what seem to me as a well organised, mature and decisive adult.(I bet you got that from your mum’s side…no offence Mark… just a joke.)

    I hear that you are going on your OE soon, good luck and be safe and hope it is a good and joyful experience for you. Just remember that if you need another destination for part of your OE, you can always come here to Melbourne as it is another state so it qualifies as overseas .. hehehehehe….but seriously, its been nice to have you over for the holidays and we are looking forward to having you over again.

    Once again, Happy Birthday and take care.

    Lots of love from Taine, Timara, Daydrian and Ian.

  28. Hey Keira!

    Happy 21st Birthday! Have a blast in Europe, and remember that it's the journey that counts, not the destination. This is when you can have the best and most memorable times. Enjoy!

    Rabekah xoxo

  29. Dear Keira,

    Just want to wish you all the luck in the world as you endeavour off to the cold and rainy UK. You know when it comes down to it, you're the friend that I've known the longest. Some of my earliest memories of us are of sleepovers at your place in Burwood, playing Berenstein Bears jigsaw puzzles on the computer, your mum taking us to Australia's Wonderland and we had a fight over something (can't remember what) and that infamous bubble bath photo is going to haunt me for the rest of my life!!! Anyways babe, take care over there, it'll be a great experience for you. And you better post you're photos up on facebook too!!! We'll be waiting for your return with a lunch date at yum cha and maybe we'll finally be able to make it to Minus 5 too!!!

    Love always Lana Clarke

  30. Marylou Farley RSSFebruary 21, 2008

    " Travel is like a great book, what a shame to only read one page." have fun on your travels and savor the chances that come you way. best wishes Marylou


  31. Happy 21st Keira, have a fabulous day. Don't forget to look after your Marm in her old age!!

    Anne Spiteri

  32. Happy Birthday Keira

  33. Happy Birthday Keira,
    Yes Keira it is hard to believe that you are becoming of age and what an attractive and hard working lady you've become.


    Your Mum&Dad can now sit back and look on knowing that you have done them proud.

    Once again may you have a fantastic 21st and don't behave'''.

    Special Wishes to a fine young lady.

    Lots of love Jan & Dominic xoxooxxo

  34. John and Margaret ChauFebruary 23, 2008

    Dearest Keira,
    May your secial day be the beginning of a beautiful life ahead. Here's wishing you many joys and happy moments for you to cherish.

    HAPPY 21ST

    With love,
    Aunty Margaret and Uncle John xxx

  35. Marion GoslingFebruary 23, 2008

    hope Keira has a great birthday and please send our best wishes and lots of hugs from me, Sal and Al. catch u soon, love Marion

  36. Best Wishes from the KiwisFebruary 24, 2008

    CONGRATULATON'S my gorgeous niece!Gee 21 huh!That was me last year....Not!Here's wishing you an awesome celebration on the day and a brighter future from here onwards.If Europe is too far from home you know where I am and you're always welcome but good on you taking that leap to go on your OE.It's the best way to learn about life and you'll probably discover alot more about yourself that you never knew.@)>-%-- Love from us all...Jamie,Kevin,Ilona,UnT V & Uncle Ashan.

  37. Lawrence and DiFebruary 24, 2008

    Happy 21st Keira, big girl now. Have a great birthday. All the best for the future in all life's challenges. Enjoy your life's journey whatever it may bring and treasure all the happy memories.

    Love and Best wishes always
    Uncle Lawrence and Aunty Di

  38. Sending you heaps of happy greetings from Kiwiland for your very very special day.
    Enjoy it!
    All the best for a gloriously special day :-)
    New Zealand

  39. Hi Keira,


    Appreciate all the good things life has to offer you and enjoy the journey no matter where life takes you. And keep safe on your travels.

    Hope your birthday is special in every way.


    Sandra Carter

    Cooranbong NSW

  40. Hey Keira, Happy 21st!! Have a blast in Europe!! If you are in London, go to the walkabout :) Take lots of photos and have plenty of fun. Have an awesome birthday

    Kimberly xoxo

  41. Uncle Charlie and Aunty IreneFebruary 25, 2008

    Hi Keira,

    First we would like to wish you a Happy 21st Birthday! Can’t believe you are turning 21. The last time we saw you was back in July 1995. We wish you all the best as you embark on your travel/work trip to Europe. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

    Stay safe and take care.


    Uncle Charlie and Aunty Irene

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

  42. Hey Keira!

    A huge congratulations on your
    21st! Hope you enjoy your adventures in Europe!Take heaps of photos :)

    Lots of Love,


  43. Hi Keira
    I love you so much and hope you have a great year. Have loads of fun in England and stay safe!
    I'd love to come and see you somehow, I'll think of something.
    Enjoy life as much as you can.

  44. To Everyone who has posted a comment on Mum's blog...THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

    When Mum told me she had something for me on her "blogspot" that i had to check today (my bday) i had to ask her about 3 times what she was talking about..i thought i was "hip" with the internet but obviously not..i didnt know what a blogspot was until right now so it was a very special surprise for me to wake up this morning and find all these birthday wishes posted up here for me! and theres so many of them!

    So thanks to everyone for making the morning of my 21st bday something sweet!

    Thanks to all who took a few minutes out of their time to remind me of how i have to deal with turning 21 even when Im not ready yet!!
    Im still trying to catch up to my 16th birthday and get reminded of it all the time from Emma who constantly tells me to "grow up"! Really she should be turning 21 and me turning 16 this year..

    Thanks to all the comments that had a little memory in there!

    Marion-the frog in the car!!
    Lana-the fight at wonderland hahaha i dont have any idea what it was over either.
    Uncle Charlie & Aunty Irene-1995?? i was 8 when I saw you last! I probably only LOOK older :P
    Darrell-cant believe its been 3 years since we must be getting old haha jks..will be excellent to come visit you soon!

    And to my MUM!! *tear*
    You definately have alot of internet buddies and its sweet of them to wish me a happy bday.
    Your very creative with what you do and it just shows how well I've taught you *sniggers*
    This page took me about 40 minutes to read through and it was probably the best thing for me to do on my bday :D
    Woke up thinking I'll be home all day on my own..on my bday then I start work when everyones coming home..nice birthday huh!
    But reading all these wishes really has made my day already!
    So Mum thanks for putting this all together and getting everyone to write a little something up, the slideshow was pretty neat too. I havent seen some of those photos before!

    Thank you again Mum and everyone else who took part in these "fruit salad" comments!
    I really enjoyed reading every single one of them and have to say i WILL have a special day now thanks to you all :)

    Be sure to still keep in touch..

    Love always
    Keira oxoxo

    P.S Ill hopefully be posting photos on my facebook from my OS trip so if you want, you can find me on there.

  45. You are very welcome Keira, made me cry reading what you wrote LOL, well give yourself a big hug now that you are a big girl hee hee.
    Glad we could make your day bright.
    Love Marm

  46. Well, I am late in posting my birthday wishes to you Keira but I hope your 21st was wonderful!!!
    North Carolina, USA

  47. Hey Keira, you made it to your 21st no problems. Now you're legal in the US too! I still remember you when you were just a baby! (You'll probably say the same things to my kids when they get older)Its kinda weird to think that you'll get married in the not too distant future and have kids of your own. Enjoy being unwed as loooonggg as you can. Happy belated birthday.
    Love Sharon, Simon, Shaun, Lachlan & Danielle xxx


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