Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WOYWW #130

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday
Crazy people that show off their messy or clean
desks is here again.
I have to make some cards for an order
 Heat embossing at 4am in the morning

 Even in the photographic tent
 A Christmas box in the making
The finished box
This was given to my craft club that I attend
every month, November is a Christmas
theme so we exchange a gift box of goodies
in a Cris Cringle fashion
 The finished product filled with chocolates 

 So run on over to Julia's place and enjoy 
everyone's craft room

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Rain, Rain Go Away
I am sure we had about 100mm of rain from
Friday night until Saturday morning, it just didn't stop
I stood outside the back door and tried to take a photo
of the very wet back yard when I was pretty amazed at what I saw
on my digital camera screen.
I'd used the Sports Continuous macro
Check out the 2 big fat drops a the top of the first photo!!!

I was standing about 3 meters away from 
where the rain drops were falling.
The harder the rain fell the bigger the drops
Rain is easing here

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fences #9

Happy Thanksgiving to you all !!
(because its Thursday for the Northern Hemisphere
when it is Friday for us down south)
So glad you all enjoyed my wannabe fences last week here

This is my back fence with a flower peering over it,
our neighbour planted some flowers which is actually
a public area but from the other side it looks wonderful
Here is a larger view of the above scene
...and this is it looking from other side of the fence
Hope over to Janis' Blog to see more gorgeous
fences and scenery behind them

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WOYWW # 129

haha I love this one, at one stage I tried to get the
 #1 spot but I gave up as
Miss Julia is getting up earlier now to release
I am not going to say anything this week.
I must say I got really confused with who visited my blog 
so I went back to start at #1 for those I didnt recognise
Just pictures and you can see if you can work it out

Pic #1
(This used to be my craft room until hubby started work from home
(those containers hold stamps) I promise to tidy up tee hee more so I can find stuff
  then I had to move to  the dinning room you all see now.
This table left in his room is now some of my storage area)
 Pic #2
( I desperately need cupboards.
Hubby told me that he will buy me some shelves
to house my mess, shock horror,
what mess am I going to show off now!)
Pic #3
(This is hubbys desk!
As you can see he is a Tech Geek, computer stuff and wires hanging everywhere,
if he could own every gadget in the computer world-he would!)
Pic #4
(So I can finally show you those little pockets/envelopes
that you were all curious about.
They are boxes to hold chocolates that I will give as presents this year.
I try and give other than cards some years to break the monotony.)
Pic #5
( I have had so many comments about my pink lamps
that I had to have a second look at them to appreciate them like you all do
When I first hunted for them I wanted all different colours
but for some reason hubby went out and got all pink
and just to make a change of scenery for all of you
I will expose the other colours I have LOL.)
Pic #6
(Some stash I got on sale for $1.50 and 70cents, bargain for Australia!!)

Firstly how remise of me not to thank you all for
visiting my blog and leaving comments
I love all the comments and I feel like I know you all now.
I changed my visiting tact this week.
Firstly I went to all those familiar blog's that usually visit mine.
Some were MIA so I went looking for them using past
WOYWW links that they had posted in, to show them that I love them
and miss them, then I visited the ones with unusual names

So run on over to Julia's place and enjoy the
peek into everyone's craft room
I will put the comments up on Sunday that go with the pictures
 (italicized writing entered later)
p.s. I managed to visit all 127 desks in the nick of time

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Birthday Cards

My birthday just keeps going on and on
even though it was on the 8th
One of my long time craft friends
that I keep in touch with sent me
this gorgeous easel card
Thank you so much Sandra Carter
and for the lovely box of goodies that accompanied it

I love the sentiment inside
Nothing could be nicer
Than to make this wish for you...
Sure hope your Birthday's happy
And that all the year is, too!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friday Fence 8

Today I wanted to show you the wanna be fences I am up against
but I must say they are very nice ones.
Instead of fences in front of houses we are only allowed 'natural fences'
consisting of hedges and plants

This is a fence at the back of a property, fences are allowed at back and sides
and if you have a corner block you are allowed more
 ok I spied a fence behind this one

Hope over to Janis' Blog to see more gorgeous
fences and scenery behind them

WOYWW #128

What's on your WorkDesk Wednesday here already!!!

What happened to last week??? I haven't
had a chance to visit any WOYWW blogs
and wham its Wednesday again!!

Well it didn't last long did it?
ahh well if it was clean I would be worried 
it would mean I wasn't being productive
 I can't believe none of you have a scissors addiction like I do.
Click on clean desk above to see my collection
The mess started like this.......

Ok hop on over to Julia Dunnit's blog to see all the other
not so clean desks, or you may be surprised,
for some reason last week most of us got our
desks cleaned.
(I have a bee in my bonnet. Some blogs I go and visit aren't really playing with memes and only using it as a way of gaining traffic to their site that has nothing to do with messy desks or Friday Fences which is another meme I participate in. This can be annoying when you are trying to visit over 100's of sites, so play nice people! And they're not linking back to
Julia or Janis' blog's.
And no spam comments either, thank you very much!!)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday 2011 Cards

That time of the year is upon me again
Birthday 2011
Thank you to the wonderful ladies on various
Stamping and Crafting groups that I am in
that have made gorgeous handmade cards for me

 Anne Thompson-StampHappy
 Barb Porritt -StampHappy
Carolyn Passfield - BSL 
 Doreen Worth - BSL
Not sure who this card is from
Scanned it but I cant find it now 
 Gai Clark -StampHappy
Gayle Moessinger-StampHappy 
 Gwenyth Zwaan-BSL
 Judy Carberry- ACTSA-MSG
 Laisie Murphy-StampHappy-BSL
 Linda Lucas-ACTSA
 Inside of Linda's card
 Margaret Ashby-StampHappy
 Mary Fenton-StampHappy-BSL
 Nicole Tuan-StampHappy
Nola Murdock-ACTSA-BSL-MSG-
 inside of Nola's card made me smile
 Rikki Showell-StampHappy
Thank you everyone for making my day special


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