Thursday, July 21, 2016

Couture Creations Sea Breeze Pop Up Card

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Hi Everyone, it's Bridget here with a 3D pop up card for you today for the 
Couture Creations Design Team.

Using the Sea Breeze collection designed by Denise Boddey for 
 Cut a 12" x 12" Charming cardstock at 8.5" x 12" or 21.5cm x 30cm.
Score at 2 3/4", 5 1/2", 8 1/4" and 11" or 7cm,  14cm, 21 cm and 28cm.
Turn and score at 2 3/4" or 7cm.
Cut off a 2" x 12" or 5cm x 30cm piece off the bottom and set aside
 Cut up to the score line on 3 scored lines and on the last line cut and angle up as shown.
From the 6" x 6" paper pad cut out 2 x 6.5cm x16cm or 2 1/2 x 61/2 inch pieces
6 x 6.5cm or 2 1/2 inch squares 
4 x 3 1/2" x 2 1/5" or 6.5cm x 9cm rectangle pieces
 Taking one of the 6.5 x 16cm pieces adhere with double sided tape to the flap at the edge and close the box by adhering the tab to the other side to form a box. Adhere the second piece of the same size to the back of that piece. Adhere the rest of the cut out pieces from the paper pad as shown.
Take the 2" x 12" or 5cm x 30cm piece that was set aside earlier, cut into 1" pieces, 
adhere double sided tape to the folded edges. 

On the first piece adhere the smallest shell pieces from the Diecut Ephemera self adhesive set, turn over and put talcum powder over the exposed pieces to make the top part of the self adhesive non adhesive so they don't stick to other parts of the card when closed.

Repeat with the larger size shells to a second piece. 
You can choose to put 2 or 3 pieces inside the box, I chose to add 2 sections.

Adhere the Sea Breeze sentiment frm the Diecut Ephemera set to the back flap and 
take a piece of white netting and adhere it to the front of the box and over the back.

The card folds flat for posting

Friday, July 15, 2016

Interesting Reading

Downsizing is what is on most peoples minds these days if you've watched Tiny Houses on tv, well this couple turned a Cubby House into their home while they save for their dream home.

Here is an interesting concept to get people off the computer or technology. Mysterious stack of books.

8 things you need to keep you safe when you are stranded

I love my bananas but I dont think I will be making Banana Wine any day soon.

5 of the dirtiest spots in your kitchen. Even if you meticulously clean your kitchen, and believe it to be squeaky-clean, chances are its still home to nasties that are bad for your health.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Couture Creations 2016 Design Team Introduction - Winter Blues

Hello, I’m Bridget Larsen, 
now living in sunny North Brisbane after having lived in Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. I am lucky to be the wife of a very supportive husband, Michael and mum to Keira and Emma who are young adults. I was born in Fiji and came to live in Australia in 1983, so I’m almost Australian.

At a very young age I was always dabbling in anything arty/crafty. I have been paper crafting for the past 16 years and scrapbooking and dabbling in other crafts and hobbies like papermaking, cottage crafts, book binding, graphic design and photography during the past 20 years. I grew up in a family of crafty, hands on relatives so it was no surprise that I would continue in that area as a hobbyist which has led me to various jobs in this field.

I initially wanted to learn to craft while I was still young enough to be able to discover and physically attempt everything there was to learn out there so that when I retired I would be familiar and comfortable with designing anything I wanted to. I love all sorts of techniques, mixed media, working with papers and dies and my work usually turns out clean and complicated but adaptable, duplicatable and fun. I love working with photos, incorporating them into cards, books and off the page projects. I also taught and demonstrated at various craft shows and craft groups around Australia and was invited to Seattle, USA to demonstrate and teach at a craft retreat. I was very lucky to be on the inaugural Tim Holtz Crafting Cruise to Alaska in 2009. Along this journey I have met and made lots of lifelong friends.

I love inspiring my friends and relatives and look forward to inspiring the world with my creations.

You will find my creations on my blog

It is an honour to be invited to design for Couture Creations for 2016-2017.

My first Couture Creations Design Team post features the Sea Breeze Collection designed by Denise Boddey. A wonderful collection of glorious set of papers, embellishments, die cuts as well as stamps and embossing folders. 

We're truly into winter now in Brisbane so why not decorate a tissue box that will be put to good use. I usually visualize myself in a far away country with sun and sand to keep me warm and the 
Couture Creation Sea Breeze Collection was perfect for this project.

 Prepare an MDF tissue box and lay 12mm double sided tape on all edges. 

Pull out the section on the bottom of the MDF box and lay 6mm double sided tape on the edge 

 Choose your desired sheets from the Sea Breeze Collection Pack of papers and lay over all 5 sides excluding the bottom of the box. Take your scissors and cut into the top of the box where the hole lies and fold back the pieces of paper onto applied double sided tape on inside of the lid.

Take 2 sheets of gauze and apply vintage ink direct from the inkpad 
onto the gauze to give it that vintage worn rusty look.

 Using a hot glue gun, apply glue over opposite sides of the top of the box and lay each piece of gauze on the glue in a scrunched fashion. Add the blue mesh over each piece of gauze and glue down with hot glue.

Apply liquid glue to the diecut ephemera and sprinkle with glitter. Glue the diecut pieces on top of the netting. Glue the white netting between the blue netting on the long side of the box. 

Glue various charms onto the netting and box. 

I am sure when you visualize yourself on a sunny, sand filled beach you will get better real quick.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Friday, July 01, 2016

Interesting Reading

On the weekend of 4 June 2016, Sydney Australia had a tsunami cloud, the weather wrecked havoc. I have never seen a tsunami cloud before.

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Wonderful story of a boy sneaking hugs and kisses from a neighbourhood dog Josh Breaux

For those crafters out there, a wonderful story of Heartfelt Creations started

Australia has the best cakes that I know of, you will find here:
Jelly Cakes, Marble Cake, Jam Sponge Roll

Wish I had known these when my girls were young, great way to entertain your child at home

What great ideas for meals for time poor individuals and just to give ourselves more crafting time
Freezer Bag Recipes

Always love one pot dinners


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