Tuesday, May 21, 2019

WOYWW 520 10th Annniversary cards for soldiers


Who would have thought that a photo of a desk all those years ago would create this extraordinary following.

Well my desk is featuring creative card making for the soldiers. I do cards for them every year.
It is very gratifying to know that we can help them send something from home and they can then send a greeting  back to their families.

As well as cards we make other stuff to send as well, we are also making little stockings to put candy cane or life savers in it.

I had help from Dayle and Faye who kindly offered to lend a hand, we had a fun day.

I do love my new craft area for visitors, my own craft area is a huge mess at the moment, maybe I'll share it next week

 Desk of cards
 Room view
 Desks set up all ready to go
 Dayle and Faye colouring their hearts out
 Stockings knitted

 Take a trip over to the Stamping Ground where it all started and visit more desks if you wish

T Tuesday R U OK

This is a cup I bought for a charity called R U OK. 
In 2009, Gavin Larkin chose to champion just one question to honour his father and protect other families from the pain his endured.  

The extraordinary story behind R U OK? was brought to life by Australian Story in 2011. In 2017, six years after they first aired the story of Gavin Larkin, they returned to his family to see how Gavin's extraordinary legacy has helped sustain them through their grief.

He started this as his graduation project called Landmark 

 I love this T2 tea maker. You brew the tea in it
 Then you pop it on your cup and it drains away

 You've got to know the capacity of your cup, as you can see its abit short, so I just top it up with water

Again our local cafe does lots of yummy dishes, this one is one of my favourites called Singapore Noodles, I like to eat it with a chilli and soy sauce that they make, I need to make some more of my own as I've now run out. that will be a hot affair and I have to cook it outside or risk choking myself on the chilli fumes

 The same cafe serves Yum Cha on a Sunday andn for $15 its value for money, I certainly cant eat it all.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Postcrossing Meetup Macleay Island 27 April 2019

I organise a Postcrossing Meetup today on Macleay Island Waters Edge Restaurant 
that is situated at the Bowls Club.

We had a great time. 11 in all attended, a great turn out to say the least.

They all arrived by ferry, well except 2 who had trouble finding parking on the mainland and missed the designated 10.30 ferry that the others caught, no hard feelings they managed to catch the island's SMBI Little Bus. The courtesy bus from the Bowls Club picked everyone up and delivered them to the restaurant.

It started at 11am and ended 3 hours later. Everyone enjoyed their meals, at least I think so as no one complained.

We signed 1070 postcards, kudos to those that didn't have stamps and had to write on every card. Here are some wonderful exercises for your fingers for the next meetup.

Our story will be featured in the Friendly Bay Islander June Edition

Table all set up ready to go

Busy, busy, busy writing and stamping their Postcrossing ID's onto postcards

From left to right:
Sumayah (Sumayah787) the youngest postcrosser in the group, Bridget (BridgetLarsen) hostess, 
Russell (Russell_Turner), Robert, Duncan and Michael (ring ins), Fiona Mirfi), Jacqui (j4c7), 
Lisa (Ozeeyore), Vanessa (nephthys51), Joanne (Bayaan_Brisbane)

Isn't she absolute gorgeous? Sumayah is holding her troll which she brought on the trip

My lunch was prawns in caesar salad

My favourite dessert Creme Brulee

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Street Libraries - The Hulk

It's gorgeous that this kid came dressed to its namesake library, THE HULK, kids are gorgeous. I can't wait for my Street Library to start up.

I need your help in naming my street library, here are some things to think of in naming:

  • I live on an island
  • Our house is brown wood with a green roof
  • I believe the library will be made in the same colours as the house
Now my brain has stopped working. 

The other two existing libraries on the island are named REVAMPS and ROBBIE's.

I don't mind zany names

Friday, April 12, 2019

Weekly reading - DIY campervan, Little Street Libraries

I love this detailed DIY of a conversion of a van to a camper van

We go on walks every Thursday night with the local Bay Islands Hash House Harriers, it was pretty scary to see the bushfire on Macleay Island Christmas 2016 and what damage it did, not too far from our  house.


Local Macleay Island writer Robbie Kirk and her Husband Ian Kirk  are helping me build a Street/Little Library Robbie won an award in 2012 for her story On the Edge

Little Free Library

Street Library

Street Libraries around Brisbane

What a great idea this is that has been done in the US. I live in a hot climate so it would not work here. We'd have to give out frozen water bottles.

I saw the original teapot tree when we went to look for a house to buy, the house was very artistic but not suited to us, I fell in love with the teapot tree though. I want one of my own LOL. Madeleine Ekeblad was the originator of the teapot tree on Macleay Island. HERE are some of her works of art


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