Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mystery Postcard - Colin Hinz Ontario Canada

I received a mystery postcard today that I have no idea what I am getting it. Its a nice thing but I will  have to send one back to find out what it is all  about. It could be from A Month of Letters but normally we get in contact with each and promise snail mail.

So I hope Colin Hinze from Ontario Canada reads my blog and can set the record straight, or I will just have to wait until my return postcard will shed some light.

This is the backside of the card, isnt it gorgeous will all the stamps on it

Friday, March 04, 2016

Interesting Reading

What a great idea if you don't have enough space to make a garden Sustainable Gardens

This article proves to me what I've been experiencing, getting sick from all these killers right in my own house. I've started looking for recipes for old wives remedies and they are working well. At first I told hubby I was allergic to the 21st century LOL Air Fresheners, joss sticks, deodorants and other killers

I love ginger in my cooking and drinking it.  HERES how to grow it indoors to have an endless supply

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

T Tuesday -Catching up - Week in Tweed Heads

hahah ops forgot to finish this post before it went up.
The week I went away to the Big4 at Tweed Heads to do my course, we were served some yummy lunches, I forgot to take photos of most of them as you can see and only got these two. The burger above was the best I'd ever had in Australi.

This was hmmmm what was it!!! chips and something. Oh I went with my daughter to Nando's lol for her birthday lunch-just the two of us. 1/4 chicken and chips with peri peri and an appletiser drink we shared. We shared the chips. Neither of us were hungry or thirsty LOL.

Joining Elisabeth and Bluebeard for T for Tuesdays


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