Saturday, November 11, 2006

Birthday 2006

Well it's was birthday time for me on November 8th, grey hairs are prominent, so I am very grateful to the bottle of dye.

Work has been interesting and enjoyable at the same time and I am slowly settling into the routine of it all. I love being back at work even though it means less time to craft but hey you can't have it all.

So when I do craft and create it is me time and gives me a break and I appreciate it more and seem to get more things done, even the housework is being done, unfortunately the cooking is falling down.

I received the following handmade cards and ATC for my birthday. Thank you to the following ladies:

ATC world Debbie Warwick~Beverly Sizemore~Patricia Charan~PWA Raewyn Shand~
RSS Jackie Kalchert~Stamp Happy/Vicstampers Anne Thompson~Stamp Happy Barb Porritt~
Stamp Happy Kaeren Sutherland~Stamp Happy Rikki Showell~Stamp Happy Theresa Kamp
Thank you ladies for brightening upu my mail box.


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