Saturday, November 11, 2006

Birthday 2006

Well it's was birthday time for me on November 8th, grey hairs are prominent, so I am very grateful to the bottle of dye.

Work has been interesting and enjoyable at the same time and I am slowly settling into the routine of it all. I love being back at work even though it means less time to craft but hey you can't have it all.

So when I do craft and create it is me time and gives me a break and I appreciate it more and seem to get more things done, even the housework is being done, unfortunately the cooking is falling down.

I received the following handmade cards and ATC for my birthday. Thank you to the following ladies:

ATC world Debbie Warwick~Beverly Sizemore~Patricia Charan~PWA Raewyn Shand~
RSS Jackie Kalchert~Stamp Happy/Vicstampers Anne Thompson~Stamp Happy Barb Porritt~
Stamp Happy Kaeren Sutherland~Stamp Happy Rikki Showell~Stamp Happy Theresa Kamp
Thank you ladies for brightening upu my mail box.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Working girl with no time to spend

It's been awhile since I last wrote, lost my stamping mojo there for awhile, don't we all!! Anyway I got myself a job 20 hours per week in a field I am familiar with and love, so now I am officially a Sales and Customer Service Consultant working for Rupert Murdoch, in a state of the art, brand new office.

This is my first week of learning and there is a lot to learn, so its head down and bum up, my brain is fried just after one week but its a great company to work for, they really look after their staff.

So I haven't done much in the way of crafting, my next project is a demonstration of my favourite technique which my good friend Jackie shared with me, I gave it a new name and called it MONOPRINTING WITH ALCOHOL INKS. I just love this technique and will never tire of it so here are some samples.

Check out Jackie's other websites with her gorgeous cards on them:
2003-2004 album
2004-2005 album
2005 album

Sunday, April 09, 2006

1-4-1 ATCs received

I have been trading 1-4-1 ATCs with individuals both locally and overseas, most are blind trades especially from overseas where you don't know what you are getting.

Eva's ATCS (Australia) check out her Website for more lovely ATCs

ATCs I received from various Australian Artists

I received this one when I was very new to ATCs, it was sent by a lovely lady called Jocelyn Munro who is a New Zealander,she is a mixed media artist and this ATC has all sorts of stuff on it like mesh, sand, fibres etc, its is a work of art.

Shoebox ATC Party's

This concept started with Suzanne at Pennywisearts and was called a Shoebox Party, you'll have to join the online group to find out all the wonderful shennaningins about it.

Basically a shoebox party consists of making a project in kit form and containing all the bits and bobs in a shoebox. Each particpant takes a shoebox project and a good number is about 12 people, each person makes a finished piece of artwork from every box.

There can be a lot of fun, eating and creating at a shoebox party. I had my first shoebox party in June of 2005 and have enjoyed attending many over the course of time.

These are some of the shoebox ATCs I have particpated in, in Australia so far:


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