Tuesday, August 06, 2019

My Street Library coming to fruition

Macleay Island 

So my venture into a Street Library became real today.

I sat down with Ian Kirk from the Renegades Men's Shed Inc. and we drew plans for my library, they will build me a library, I can tell you it's going to be awesome....I'm stumped for a name now for my library...HELP!!!

This wonderful band of men on the Macleay Island build other things for the community as well. One of them is the Heritage Trail Viewing Seats alot of them are dedication to people who have given so much to the Island and have passed on.


This is where my library is going in, I was clearing up the space and this beautiful Christmas tree  shape stared at me challenging me to get rid of it hahahaa. I will be keeping it and putting lights on it, isnt it a gorgeous tree.

It's a beautifully shaded spot but I will thin out the trees to bring a bit of sunlight in and turn it into a nice garden. My neighbour said it looked beautifully manicured 14 or so years ago but now its abit overgrown so a cleanup is long overdue.

Little Library in the Woods just came to me now as a name...so if you have a quirky name I could use please feel free to share it with me. Here's my email address.

Watch this space!!! 

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