Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Birthday time again

Dated 22 November
More wonderful birthday cards received from the following ladies

Natalie Nyistor

Linda Greenaway

Janet Hamblin

Dated 17th November
Val West sent this beautiful card below

Dated 16th November
Well my birthday just stretches on and on, thanks to the following ladies that sent me cards, since my first entry two weeks ago. They are all from either online groups I am a member of or stamping groups I attend...thanks ladies
Sandra Carter

Paula Lawson

Natalie Alston

Kaeren Sutherland

Julie Price

Judy Carberry

Grace McAndrew

Evelyn Spikes

Evelyn Poole

Doreen Worth

Deborah Hunter Kells

Carol Jeffery

Barb Porritt

Dated 3rd November
Well it's that time of the year again that I sometimes look forward to and sometimes I don't, dont ask me why...it's called "Birthday" and that's next Saturday. I will be spending it down in -opps not going to give the game away right now in case the surprise gets sprung, so instead I'll share some of the gorgeous birthday cards I have received so far.

First one came from Rikki Showell in Launceston, she is an amazing woman and is always the first to remember one's birthday, I am really impressed. Thanks Rikki.

The others came from MSG the Monday stamping group I attend, which was yesterday, they gave me a lovely fruit topped cake that was Ellen Clarke's idea, thanks Ellen. I always feel emotional when someone sings happy birthday to me and yesterday was no exception and I was tongue tied.

ok I can just see that this birthday will be an extended one having started a week early LOL so I will post more, today is a public holiday in Canberra to celebrate Melbourne Cup day, it is the only state outside of Victoria that has today as a public holiday, suits us fine !!! Would have loved to have been in Melbourne and celebrated it at Peter Z's house in Fern Tree Gully as we usually did the last few years...ah well blame Michael for moving us away.
Wrapped in Paper-crafting store in Canberra
Theresa Kamp
Sue Gregory
Mary Fenton

Carol Dunstan

Rikki Showell
Barb Fox
Carol Marshall
Deidre Sharp

Dell Armistead
Joan Blundell
Karen Munk
Prue Bailey
Margaret Hazel
Anne Thompson


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