Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday Keira

Well does it make me old or what but Keira my eldest daughter will be 21 next week, and I wasn't even young when I had her. 26 years old I was and to think I was going to wait till I was 30 to have my first child. I remember telling my mum that I was getting married at 22, her response was "it's about time, you're getting old". Now my daughter is going to be 21 and I wouldn't wish her to get married in a hurry, of course the biological clock will tick for her and I'd like to be a grandma when I am young enough to run after them but it's not my choice.

oh I do remember the day she was born. It was a decent hour 9.25pm after 5 hours of labour, it was scary, being my first time but when that plug fell in the toilet with a plop I thought she was born, how ignorant was I, well I knew second time around what it was all about, or so I thought!

It was a good pregnancy but I had the weirdest craving, vegemite on croissant and it had to be a certain croissant from a certain shop, every morning for the first 3 months I would have that for breakfast. So needless to say she loved vegemite and it must not be fattening although I also had butter because I only put on 7kgs in total through the whole pregnancy.

I also hated meat, I used to throw up if meat was cooking in the kitchen. I loved being pregnant, it is truly a great gift and honour, when that little helpless being is given to you and they are so cute and helpless and ugly LOL for the first 2 hours anyway until their head shape settles down. Keira's looked like a cone head (sorry Keira).

She was chubby but cute and looked like the Micheline man's child.

Well my darling Keira, I can't believe you are going to be 21, a young and beautiful woman doing us proud. You've been a great daughter, kind, loving, supportive and no trouble at all, thank you for giving me the privilege of being a mother. Love you lots.

All my love..................Marm and Michael and Emma

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well wishes from everyone - Keira

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All my love..................Marm

This was me at 24

This was me at 19

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

One World One Heart

So I discovered One World One Heart (OWOH) that is being organised by Lisa Oceandreamer for it's second annual event which ends on February 14th 2008 and I think it's a brilliant idea and decided to get on the bandwagon for this wonderful sharing and caring in cyberland. This is a Worldwide event bringing bloggers together to make new friends, you can read all about it at One World, One Heart at this url: Check out her other blogs as well Heart of the nest and Imagination Cafe

You will need a blog address that is yours to be able to participate, the random drawing for the prize will be on Valentine's Day Feb 14, 2008. So you need to leave a comment on this post by midnight February 13th and be in the running for the prize.

Thank you ANNE S from BSL for sharing this with me.

There will be three winners and the prize you will win are one of these:

Kimono Tag Fold Holder, my thanks to Judy B of RSS for the template.

WINNER is SEW FUNKY please email me with your snail mail so I can put it in the post to you

Wheel card thanks to Dawn R for the lesson.
WINNER IS Ninnie please email me with your snail mail address so I can put it in the mail to you.

and my Flora ATC

WINNER is Courtney please email me with your snail mail address so I can put it in the mail to you.

24hours since I participated in this. OMG there are so many wonderful blogs out there, it will take me a whole year to go through them all)

Well it's been a long time since I wrote in my blog, actually I forgot the password LOL. A lot has happened in my life, moved cities in August 2007 with about 6 weeks notice from hubby. But we are here to stay in Canberra wooohoo.

Canberra is so different from Melbourne, quiet, lovely wide roads to drive on and at 80kms an hour wooohooo you get to places pretty fast. Luckily I know a few crafters here from online groups I have been on for the past 5 years, some of these ladies I had met whilst I was in Adelaide and just came into crafting, isn't that cool how the internet is such an awesome networking tool. I just had to get in contact with them and get hooked up again, well 3 stamp clubs later and lots of awesome crafting with them and I feel so at home after only 7 months, thats not to say that I didnt settle well in Adelaide and Melbourne. I will always remember Adelaide fondly because that is where I was introduced to this craft and I still keep in touch with the crafters there who are dear to my heart.

So I've been frantically trying to unpack the 285 pieces we brought and am down to 9 boxes from Melbourne, sadly the 15 boxes from the Sydney move 8 years ago are still unpacked lol but they will be a huge surprise when I finally get to them. I know I have some tools in there that will come in handy, they will mostly be scrapbooking tools because that is what I did in Sydney prior to cardmaking and altered arts.


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