Sunday, July 14, 2019

Fallen Tree limb - Widow Maker


Hubby and I were sitting in the office at about 11.30am yesterday when we heard a loud bang/crash, I thought it was the workmen on the building site across the road so I walked over to see if they were ok. They said the sound came from our way so I walked  back home and took a walk around the house and checked the roof but no sign of where the noise came from. 

At 4pm I noticed an sms from my neighbour to tell me a tree from our yard had fallen in the duck pen.  I went to investigate and sure enough there was a huge branch down right over the duck pen.  Not sure what it hit on the way down to make such a racket.

A few days ago I moved all the ducks into the duck run which is secure. They always sit where the tree fell to keep cool and I always feed them at that time when the tree fell. So someone was watching over us all yesterday otherwise we would all have been crushed, by the sounds of the noise there was no warning.


The duck run is to the left of the tree and the green container is in the neighbours yard.

Made me think about how life is so precious and easily snuffed out by a falling branch. No wonder they call this tree a Widow Maker. Will have to get rid of the tree now as we can see more limbs about to break off.

Luckily a tree lopper on the island could fit me in the next day and chopped up the wood for me so I could mend the fence so the dogs from next door couldn't jump over the fence to terrorise my ducks.


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