Friday, November 18, 2016

Interesting Reading-Evacuation Tip-Making Yoghurt

I love cute puppy videos like THIS

If you are going to have to evacuate your home or going away on holidays, this handy tip will help you with your freezer

I love making my own yoghurt and this lady has some cool ideas Down To Earth

I love thees hilarious tweets from Barack Obama and Joe Biden, made up of course but wouldnt they be funny. MORE   and MORE

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

T for Tuesday and Southport Queensland

Well I've been long lost for T Tuesday, in fact May 2016, life has been really busy for me. I was busy with crafts and life in general. Aren't these photos so clear? Clearer than my ipad and iphone 6. I took it with the Iphone 7 and its awesome
So yesterday I drove an hour down south to Southport to get our car fixed and waited around for 5 hours until they called me. Arrived there at 6am because I didn't want to drive down with the mad rush at 7am. Sat at a cafe opposite the car dealership  and ordered this vegetarian meal-no i am not vegetarian and dont plan to be but its the only meal that comes with so much vegetables. Anyway this meal was HUGE. I only ate a fraction of it and had to put the rest into a container but it was so yummy. That sauce was amazing, it had cilantro and mint in it     .
Can you believe how little water they put into my cup? You couldnt even drown in it
I sat by the water for 5 hours waiting for my car and this is the view I had, across the water way was Seaworld, you can just see it in the horizon
A closeup of Seaworld. The white buildings to the left is the hotel Nara, would love to go there one day
I had to get up and walk and went past this wonderful garden bed and below was what i saw waiting at the crossing. They are beautifying the place for the Commonwealth games in 2018, cant wait to go back and see

Looking back from the sea behind me is the city view, not to many high rise like the Gold Coast or Surfers Paradise
They have made this lovely Rockpool area with water spouts and small water catchments for the little ones. It was fully today with parents and their children, was lovely to see.

Another view with this soft water park on the water. Was too early for anyone to play. More buildings looking toward Surfers Paradise.


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