Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Postcards for Swapping

Set 1      001  - 050
Set 2      051  - 082
Set 3      083  - 096
UNESCO Fraser Island

I now have GF Australia for swapping, EMAIL me if you are interested.
My Greetings From cards I have received

I've decided to start this project called A Postcard a Day, I hope you can join me. I also hope I get enough postcards to be able to keep this up everyday, will you help me? You can send your postcard to:

Bridget Larsen
P O Box 81
Geebung QLD 4034

I would be delighted to swap a postcard with you in return, please put your return address on it or email me with it. I am hoping to collect a postcard from every corner of the world. It would make my day/month/year.

The following link to my cards are NOT FOR SWAPPINGMy Collection - these are for your viewing pleasure.

For those interest to know what Pocket Letter Pals are.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Interesting reading

Interesting social experiment that should teach us a lesson in prejudging people on face value

A girl got to know her dad through the letters her parents sent to each other during the war, not the same as emailing or texting.

Love these DIY home cleaners that are so cheap to make and so effective and less invasive to the environment and your health.

A radio broadcast about Postcrossing with Vicki (Mundoo)

Easy Pickled cucumbers and ginger cordial to make from Down to Earth

For the photographers out there, a little bit of ingenuity goes to make an awesome photo

Friday, December 18, 2015

Interesting reading - Safyre the little girl who lost all in a fire

How to wrap a parcel well

Safyre the little girl who lost her entire family in a fire 3 years ago. She only wanted Christmas cards to fill the 100 card xmas tree her aunt bought. She received 195,000 cards in a day. If you would like to send a Christmas card to Sa'fyre, address your card to:
Safyre Terry
P O Box 6126
Schenectady NY 12306

I plan to send her cards in the future and not just the one I sent for Christmas.

Wedding photographer makes a special wedding photo

Lovely video from Lali Illustrations about her postcards. This is also a link no how to make a video like it.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Interesting Reading-101st birthday cards for JBF-Cappuccino Journal

A wonderful life lesson we should all take from this little girls request

Nobody wants to be this lonely so I am going to send a Christmas card to this boy, why don't you join me in sending one too

How to make recipes cards on PicMonkey

Another way to preserve/save dry goods from weevils

What a great feat this dog has been taught to retrieve lobsters from the seabed, lucky owner.

Check out some of these awesome fences

For those crafty people, here is a glue sponge you can make for those intricate dies, also great for kids for a no mess/no waste sort of glue.

Raised salt painting with glue.

I love doing philanthropic craft ideas like this to make someone happy, especially the older folk that dont have stuff to do like us to keep their days full.  I follow Cappuccino Journal's blog and came across this post

Quote "JB and I want to thank you ALL who sent him birthday mail. I wish I could send each and every one of you a thank you but I just don't have it in me to send out 130 thank-you' I hope this blog post will do to thank everyone -- the folks in Canada, Germany, Finland, Russian, Poland went above and beyond and all of you who made him collages and mail art -- it is so very appreciated.Thank you to both the San Francisco Correspondence Co-op and the Portland Correspondence Co-op.
He told me he is kind of sad now that he isn't getting mail anymore and he wishes he "would mail mail like that all the time".  (We all would like that, wouldn't we?).
If you didn't send him a card and are inspired to after seeing all this cool mail, his address is:

                                                  1575 E WASHINGTON APT 530
                                                          PASADENA CA 91104

Unquote ...I am keeping this portion here for my archive so I can remember to send him cards throughout the year

Here is the original post asking for birthday cards for her dad on his 101st birthday

                           SEND GOOD MAIL -- GET GOOD MAIL

This story literally brought tears to my eyes, I cried because the lady had only $20 left and wanted to give it up through gratitude for a kind deed and I cried because of what the writer did and the staff in the bank. A Ripple of Human Kindness

In light of all that is happening with Syria and ISIL, the world would be such a better place if those that fight for radicalness concentrated on things like this

I loved some of these videos here but the one I was really interested in was the last one with Nick Woodman, the inventor of GoPro

The good way and the bad way of having a family get together discussion

Freak out version

Controlled version

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

PCAD 161 - Silvercrafter postcard from Ayr Scotland

I got this lovely postcard from a fellow WOYWW Elizabeth aka Silvercrafter. Thank you Elizabeth I love these map cards

The Christmas stamps coming out all over the world are so beautiful and all so different

If you'd like to play along with this meme, post your Postcard A Day and link up below so we can all visit your blog. Please add the direct link to your post and not just your blog so the post is easy to find. Link back to this meme so everyone can play too. 


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