Saturday, September 19, 2009

Christmas Cards

Well my shoulder operation got postphoned due to an
impending lurgy
I was brewing up the whole week as well as an ulcer on
my tongue that was very painful.

So what do I do but pull out all my craft stuff again after
I had cleaned out the dining table ready
to not see my craft stuff for 2 months and
feeling really sorry for myself LOL
So I started designing some Christmas cards

I did go to a workshop run by Raeline on Sunday and
this is what I made.

The first card is stamped in Dark Moss Chalk ink
but it looks gold, pretty weird

The Christmas tree in the card below is also stamped
in Dark Moss chalk ink, again it turned gold
IRL and not just in the photograph

So now I am waiting to hear from the surgeon when
I can go under the knife again


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