Sunday, March 16, 2008

Count down to holiday very close

Time is going so fast and Easter is upon us this week. We get to see my girls again and go to the Easter show and see relatives again. They are certainly growing up so fast, Emma is taller than I am.

I've been busy catching up on my swaps and making a surprise gift for someone but I can't say here in case that person looks but I will post the pictures as soon as I can of this project when this person gets it.

I also come back from my trip to a wonderful dream job at a craft store, everything I've learnt in crafting will be utilized in this job and I am so excited.

My crafting friends are expanding as well with going to stamping clubs and days so it's helped to stave off the homesickness, although I don't know where to call home LOL, I guess home is where I am happy so that is a good thing. I am always happy where ever I am anyway.

Only 44 more days or 6 weeks to go before I leave for the US and a crafting cruise with Tim Holtz. See the links to these websites on the right. I started to put stuff on the single bed to take with me, I think I'm now at a suitcase full, I will have to get those suitcases out and start filling it up so I know what else I can take. The blue pajamas are the only wearable things in there for me to take so far

I will be posting as I travel in this blog, soI can keep a log of my trip and also to share with you so you can travel vicariously with me on a trip of a lifetime!!!

OK I can now show you what I was making, it was a birthday book for Keira's 21st which I have given to her over the Easter weekend, she loved it. I forgot to take a picture of the book when it was complete, the design was a flag tag book with 20 pages in it and took me 2 weeks to complete.


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