Friday, January 13, 2017

Interesting Reading - Calligraphy

Victoria Falls and some amazing footage, if you're squeamish or hate heights dont click the link or watch the 2nd video after the girls

Amazing calligraphy work by John Stevens oh to be so talented.

I was chatting to a penpal and reminiscing about my trip to Fiji last year and we discussed Tropical Non Alcoholic fruit cocktails and how they are only nice where there is beach, sun and sand hahaha.
I mentioned how I couldnt find any recipe online to try and make it and boom I find this WEBSITE.
Of course there is all the other recipes as well for drink mixing. I think the drinks taste better in island paradise because the coconut is fresh and the fruit is fresher too and not from cans. I can see a few I want to make right NOW!

For all you campers out there or people like us that just burn fires to cook or keep warm, here is a self feeding fire that you can make yourself.

How stamps are designed in the USA for USPS.

How your letters are handled by USPS

Love this eagle cam, nothing better than to hear and watch nature living


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