Wednesday, November 09, 2011

WOYWW #127

What's on your WorkDesk Wednesday is here again

She made me do it!!
 My friend Ellen came around on the weekend so I was obliged
to be the gracious host and make a place for her
Voila a clean desk!!
I like to give my playmates a lot of room 
so she got the whole 2 metre table.
Oh and Bigshot is back in its place of honour!!
 and clean under the table where her legs go
 So where did all that clutter stash goodies go! Onto the chairs
 and in neat containers, hopefully they will stay there
 neatly and not creep up onto the table again
 My next two projects in the making
 still making these gorgeous flowers
 a girl can't have too many scissors no/yes~
I have a fetish for scissors lol
but the sad thing is I can't find my favourite one.
It has gone AWOL for a few weeks now
 This is how they live and below is how I transport
 them to craft classes or play dates
added an extra table to hold Calibur, new projects just cut out ready for Christmas pressies
 YAY I now own this so I can play with my photographs
and do cool stuff with them.
My other passion is photography

Hop on over to Julia Dunnits place to see the rest of this craze


  1. Looks totally fab! I am sure that your friend had a great time! I am hoping for photoshop from Santa this year for Christmas. Lets keep our fingers crossed, as I know where he sleeps :) -Amanda

  2. Your craft room looks great, just like a real class room. Perfect the way you've stored all your papers.
    Hope your friend has a great time. Yesterday my friend was coming to craft with me.... on a kitchen table :-D. Thanks for sharing. Bye Franka

  3. Do you lend your tidying friend out? I think I could do with her help.... happy woyww, #1

  4. I’m doing a quick dash round as many desks as I can to see what you’ve all been up to. So much fab creativity going on everywhere I go. It’s really brilliant. Last time I counted my scissors I got to 20 and gave up :-)
    Keep doing what you do best and have a great week
    Annie x #51

  5. the scissor collection made me laugh as I culled mine quite recently... the space looks so light and bright... and lots of cleaning and tidying happening at desks this week... must be in the air xx

  6. Oh lots of space to get messy, better not let me in there lol

    Hope you find the favourite scissors soon

    Happy WOYWW

    Lou #46

  7. Hi there. Thanks for sharing your creative space with us this week. I hope the rest of the week goes well and creative too!
    Neil #57

  8. I try to have sicssors to, but somebody always steel them.... Look like you will have lots of room to have lots of fun!

    How did you fix the Big Shot?

    MsPlum (Gunn) #77

  9. Great pics, I see you don't have the Fiskars 'Shear' type scissors amongst you scissor stash!I love them- no painful fingers, lol.Have a great week, Shaz

  10. Guess thats a good reason for cleaning Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hope you are having a wonderful WOYWW.

    xoxo Marjo

  11. Your flowers are gorgeous. Lots to see this week and I had to smile at the chairs coz I forgot to take a photo of mine.Do you like the new machine?
    Happy WOYWW

  12. Such an organised workspace. Love those gorgeous flowers. What a super collection of scissors! (Hazel WOYWW #89)

  13. Hi
    Looked again and it is the Calibur.Thanks for the tip on the flowers.
    Carol xx

  14. Hi again, actually I got it slightly wrong, they are x-cut, not Fiskars,and now I think they are called Tonic,but you can find them on Crafty Devils Papercraft website. This is what they are called: Tonic Studios Spring Cut Fine Tip Detail Scissors.

  15. I wonder just how long you bit will remain on the floor lol.
    I can not believe just how many scissores you have ...I obviously need more than my 2 crafting ones ...although I did, once upon a time, have 4 ordinary ones and several edge one until I got a woodware cutter.

  16. It's been a few days since the photographs - are the containers of stash staying put or creeping up to the table again?

  17. So Tidy!!! now come and do mine!! (I'm asking eveybody! no ones coming though!!) Thanks for the snoop! Happy late WOYWW!
    Lyn #66

  18. All that space! Well done for tidying your table and as for the chairs .... well you only need one to sit on so you are making good use of the rest. I often use the spare chairs around me as "side-tables" so I have everything close-by when I am working. Then someone vists and wants to sit down ... how annoying is that! Debbie #62

  19. Great craft space - and if I had any spare chairs I would use them to put stuff on too :) Elizabeth x #76

  20. Wow Bridget, that's a LOT of scissors! I really only use 2 or 3 - my fav is my Tim Holtz ones, and I have a couple of small fine ones.

    Like you, I haven't managed much desk visiting, and here we are it's Wed. again (WOYWW 128...) thaks for your comment on my blog.

    I LIKE Australia!!! Never been, maybe never will, but I'd like to! I'm in love with platypuses so I'll HAVE to make the trip one day to meet one.

    Hugs, Shoshi

  21. Love the scissor wheel, might try that look out for it next week you might have started something here I think julia would approve too. i might have to go on a scissor hunt
    thanks for sharing

  22. p.s.
    tidy is good, but messy is better!!lol


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