Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WOYWW # 129

haha I love this one, at one stage I tried to get the
 #1 spot but I gave up as
Miss Julia is getting up earlier now to release
I am not going to say anything this week.
I must say I got really confused with who visited my blog 
so I went back to start at #1 for those I didnt recognise
Just pictures and you can see if you can work it out

Pic #1
(This used to be my craft room until hubby started work from home
(those containers hold stamps) I promise to tidy up tee hee more so I can find stuff
  then I had to move to  the dinning room you all see now.
This table left in his room is now some of my storage area)
 Pic #2
( I desperately need cupboards.
Hubby told me that he will buy me some shelves
to house my mess, shock horror,
what mess am I going to show off now!)
Pic #3
(This is hubbys desk!
As you can see he is a Tech Geek, computer stuff and wires hanging everywhere,
if he could own every gadget in the computer world-he would!)
Pic #4
(So I can finally show you those little pockets/envelopes
that you were all curious about.
They are boxes to hold chocolates that I will give as presents this year.
I try and give other than cards some years to break the monotony.)
Pic #5
( I have had so many comments about my pink lamps
that I had to have a second look at them to appreciate them like you all do
When I first hunted for them I wanted all different colours
but for some reason hubby went out and got all pink
and just to make a change of scenery for all of you
I will expose the other colours I have LOL.)
Pic #6
(Some stash I got on sale for $1.50 and 70cents, bargain for Australia!!)

Firstly how remise of me not to thank you all for
visiting my blog and leaving comments
I love all the comments and I feel like I know you all now.
I changed my visiting tact this week.
Firstly I went to all those familiar blog's that usually visit mine.
Some were MIA so I went looking for them using past
WOYWW links that they had posted in, to show them that I love them
and miss them, then I visited the ones with unusual names

So run on over to Julia's place and enjoy the
peek into everyone's craft room
I will put the comments up on Sunday that go with the pictures
 (italicized writing entered later)
p.s. I managed to visit all 127 desks in the nick of time


  1. Looks like you have some fun stuff going on!

  2. At least you have a comfy chair! And there's light in your space. Lots of good things there to play with, too.

  3. I like your workplace ) looks so familiar ))) unfortunately I don't have so much space (

    Happy WOYWW!


  4. Hmm, sort the stamps (#6),find the gear (#1), sort again (#2), assemble, (#4), photograph (#5), blog (#3)!!

    Have fun - one day I will put up a photograph of my studio....


  5. Lots of goodies in your workspace...have to look into a light tent one of these days.

    xoxo Marjo #109

  6. Well done on all desks! I usually manage about 70! Love all those stamps. Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl – No 19

  7. Love them all pic 4 can i be nosey and ask what die it is youve cut from .Im wondering if it iis SU>Thanks hope you dont mind me asking
    Have fab wednesday pop by as i have candy up for grabs hugs judex 18

  8. Hi there. Thanks for letting us peek into your creative space this week. It's always inspiring seeing where and how we create! Hope the rest of your week goes very well for you. You are very very busy looking at your space!
    Neil #31

  9. Nice work space... well used i see

  10. Think the pic with all the different coloured lamps should say 'if I could just find ONE lamp that works!!'

    Happy WOYWW

    debs #80

  11. Hi Briget! Your desk looks mega busy so can be spared for looking so overwhelmed with stuff! I love your boxes in pic 4... you have made sooooo many and I also lovet he new stash in the last pic too. Lucky you.
    I am posting your parcel, at last today so hope it gets there soon,
    Lots of love JoZarty x

  12. Your workspace makes me feel better. :) Love the little boxes.

  13. I can only come up with two captions, Picture 4 is "Oh my GOD, I've got how many left to do!!!" and the last one would be "Ah, retail therapy, now I feel better!"

    Brenda 82

  14. That is a lot of boxes! it will be interesting to hear what they are all for.... (apart from holding chocolate apparently!).

  15. Lovely busy workspace. I'd love to have a light tent for taking photographs.

    Katie P

  16. You have multiples of stuff - computers, lamps, stamps in boxes!! Looks great to me, like the little boxes for the sweeties..thought the pile I saw last week was for boxes..there's an lot of them!

  17. To sum up your pictures I'd just say busy! Lots of lovely stuff happening on your desk. Thanks for stopping by my blog, regarding the business venture I'm looking at handmade cards and scrapbooks and possibly venturing into children's craft sessions in libraries, schools etc.

  18. Hi Bridget; looking like a very industrious workspace. What a stash of little Christmas-box containers you have in the making; really nice. You die-cut these or bought them ready-cut, ready to assemble?

  19. Oh my, what a lot you have going on there - and a bit of a production line too. Great stuff!

    Thanks for already coming to see my desk earlier :)

  20. great pictures. I think the caption to them all should be 'O M G' but for various different reasons. You have a great space use it well, sounds like something 'yoda' would say
    thanks for the peek

  21. Loving your gift boxes in #4, how many are you making, looks like rather a lot!
    Happy WOYWW! have a great day, Debxx #95

  22. Well done you for making around all desks, that definitely puts me to shame.
    Love all your boxes, that's what I call a bulk make and I had to laugh at all your lights!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #84

  23. Looks like a great place to play and some wonderful projects going on!

  24. Busy person. Big workspace. Lucky you. 127 desks visited - now that's some surfing going on there. Thanks for your comment. Canada is going well so far. Full story here

  25. That is quite a stack of boxes to be made up! Love the overview of your room from various angles. You are one busy gal!

  26. What a great logo for being #1 - I keep missing out lately - as you said it gets earlier and earlier and I get up but find I am just that bit too late again.
    What a lovely lot of photos you have shown us today - your area looks awfully busy and those little boxes are adorable.
    Hope you are warmer than I am this morning.
    Hugs, Neet x #12

  27. Holy Cow! It looks like you have a ton of stuff going on. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I enjoyed peeking into your creative space.

  28. Loadsa boxes!! Are you going to give them all as presents? You've got lotsa stuff in your work area :)
    Hugs, LLJ #39 xx

  29. Well there's a whole load of this that and everything on the go..and a good festive red on show too! Thanks for sharing a little of your life and desk! Sarah at 14

  30. I'm confused now too! Are they all your desks? I love the little gift boxes with the poinsettias on.

  31. That looks like quite of pile of boxes you have set yourself out to make. Wish I had thsat much space too. Hugs Mrs A.

  32. Oooh I love your work space, Bridget, and always love your pretty lamps that look like flowers sprouting from your desk! Always puts a smile on my face! Lots going on in your room this week by the looks of things. Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #70

  33. oh wow quite a pile you have there, sooo busy with all your Christmas crafty-mess I mean ness, Have a great week! HaPPy WoYWw!

  34. Those boxes are so cute Brigdet! Great idea, but wow you are making a lot of them!

    Your diningroom looks like a craftes wet dream :)


  35. Now how come he gets all the shelves? and you get relegated to the dinning table? hmmn not fair that, but I do love your stash, I would love to rummage in there,

    Happy WOYWW
    Lou #41

  36. Love your desk mess and those card bits and pieces are gorgeous.

  37. Hi there I can't imagine how youmade it to all desks - including mine. i find it impossible. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x


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