Wednesday, November 02, 2011

WOYWW #126

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday #126
 I can't believe how fast these Wednesdays come around!
I just wanted to say a very sad thing happened 
to me just after I posted last weeks WOYWW.
I was working on a project cutting out all my 
Spellbinders Fleur De Lis bits and BANG!!
my BigShot handle broke off, it gave me such a fright.
See that white space where I've arrowed
that's where my BigShot lived.
So what did I do?
I left home in fury and went and bought some 
clothes to ease my pain, what else could I do!
My friend Nola said "when she is angry she doesn't bake
and if she does it will be a flop".
Well now I will say when I am angry I don't craft well,
anyway this is what I bought from my favourite clothes store called Rockmans
Blue denim, black, white and long white jeans which I love. 
They had a 25% sale on everything including sale items.
 I hate shopping otherwise LOL
So here is my desk with the last of the 
Fleur De Lis I cut before the
BIG BANG and a few other bits and pieces
Even the chairs don't escape being used
 I just didn't want them to feel left out LOL
This is my photographic tent with lamps on,
ready for a photo shoot-at night!
I have been busy this week, here is my altered book
page round robin I am doing at my local stamp club ACTSA
 Moved my computer's from the lounge room 
to my dining craft desk. Now I don't get 
to watch TV, will have to fix that next week
(p.s still no Bigshot replacement)
Hop on over to Julia Dunnit's blog where there are hundreds
of other messy and neat desks to peruse.
I am so enjoying visiting all the blogs and
seeing all the creations and thank everyone for
commenting and visiting my blog.
I have read how everyone never gets around to visiting
all the blogs which has also been my problem.
So I thought of a great way to make it fair.
When Julia posts the weeks links, I visit from #1
and then as the comments start arriving in my mailbox
I visit those that comment on mine.
Then I try and get back to where I stopped.  I also jump to the
last blog up and work backwards so that they get a visit as well.
Woohoo my Bigshot arrived after I wrote this post.
And I managed to visit every blog but didnt leave a comment on all.


  1. It is so sad when our crafty companions break (or get misplaced by your little ones!). Glad that some good old retail therapy saved the day! Glad too that you were able to get a quick replacement. I hope Julia is up soon! Have a Happy WOYWW- Amanda

  2. You have a packed craft room - sorry for the loss of your big shot and hope you sort it soon....

  3. Hi there Bridget thanks for popping over - how long have you had your Big Shot - just wondered as just bought one - and handles coming OFF!! It does sound rather fatal???

    And no am not a Kiwi, - just a ridgey-didge Aussie - my grandfather was a kiwi one generation, grandmother from Yorkshire, and rest are Oz born quite a way back, so there you are..
    Why did you think I was a Kiwi - must have been something - or just an odd feeling and yes , sorry just linked over at the right time - next week you can be number one.. maybe ;D Love Shaz in oz.x

  4. So sorry to hear about your BS - what a shame.
    Congrats though on being no 2 this week - I failed miserably by getting involved in something else and missing out to no 11.
    Love how you shopped - I always need a treat (shopping one of course) when I do something I don't like such as visiting the dentist. Also the way you spread out - you would not believe where I end up (permanently).
    Thanks for sharing and take care - Hugs, Neet #11

  5. Oh no - disaster - maybe you should get a Vagabond from Santa to ease your woe?!!

  6. That space needs filling with more craft stuff - get shopping now.
    Love your altered book swap - brilliant. I have one ready to start - just need the inspiration.

  7. Really enjoyed your post ...I attack the list in a similar way ...and I love to read everything too. If I manage to comment on everyone it is quite a day(or three) for me ...and rare ...and you will hear me shout for joy xx

  8. Poor Big Shot, I don't need any excuse to go out shopping but it's usually fabric stores that I head to!!
    I like the exploding birthdyt box that's in the background of one of your shots - great fun, dark pink and black is a good combo!
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  9. Argh,,Big Shot-less!! Hope you did enough cutting to see you through. Love th shots of your chairs, am in no doubt that they feel included now!

  10. Oh noooo! Poor Big Shot and poor you! Hope your retail therapy helped . . . now you need some craft retail therapy to replace the die cutter. xxx

  11. RIP Big Shot!!! At least this means you just HAVE to go shopping for a new one, and just think, some other things might just drop in the basket too! Enjoy shopping and WOYWW!

  12. So sorry to hear of the demise of your big shot. Love that you've included the chairs and your book is fabulous! #32

  13. These crafty tools are wonderful when they are working but don't we miss them when they break? Glad you've managed to replace it quickly.
    A x

  14. You have alovely packed craftroom looks so bright.thanks for kind words re my dad .Have fab wednesday and creative week
    hugs judex 27

  15. Hi Bridget, yes, I am in your part of the world too. Well, compared to the UK or the US, I most certainly am. Had to laugh, just bought something at Rockmans the other day, on sale too, naturally! And, just to keep you company, my chairs look awfully like yours too, hehe! But I haven't broken anything important lately, so that's a plus! That book (HOH) is part of a swap on a yahoo group, but I'm a bit over deadlines, so I think that will be the last swap thing I do for a while, or maybe, ever! Love those fleur de lis thingies!

  16. Great space you are working in with lots of lovely stash, lots of pink stuff and interesting art. I love your altered book... shame about the big shot breaking.
    Looking forward to our swap... mine is nearly ready but got the carpet cleaners in today... chaos moving stuff out of the way, and it will all have to be put back later.
    JoZarty x

  17. Looks like my kind of room - stacks galore! Hope you can fix the BS - Sizzix customer service are very good and may send a spare... !

  18. Sounds like you worked the poor Bigshot to death! Glad you got a replacement though!

    Brenda 74

  19. Aww Bridget, that's awful! What a disaster! Can it be repaired if it's just the handle? However, despite that, you've still got a lot to show, and some lovely stuff too! A really busy productive space this week. I do love your photography tent and those gorgeous pink lamps that always remind me of flowers sprouting from the surface of your desk! I have a less sophisticated arrangtement - I drape a cloth over my video camera rig which has 2 clip on lamps on it, and photograph stuff in front of it. Works well for me, even if a bit Heath Robinson!! Happy WOYWW, and I hope by this time next week you'll have got your Big Shot sorted. Shoshi #67

  20. Hi, me again! Just read your PS and realised you've got a replacement Big Shot! That's excellent news. What a bore, though, having to go through all that. Hope the new one lasts a good long time!! Shoshi #67

  21. Hi Bridget, I can imagine how traumatic this was for you and how only a bit of retail therapy could help ease the shock and pain ... that shot of your desk with the empty space is so sad. So glad there's a happy ending, you and your BS are re-united. Happy WOYWW and have great week. Elizabeth x #59

  22. Oh My....I love how you turned a sad situation into a happy situation with a bit of retail therapy! My kind of Crafter! Hope it's well for you now! Have a great week!

  23. Your workspace is amazing ... what a busy lady you are! Glad you explained about the photography tent ... I thought it was for a pussy cat! Debbie #77

  24. Oh dear, another one in Big Shot heaven. Glad you found a speedy replacement.

  25. I remember when I broke my original Sizzix die cutter - I was jumping for joy because I couldn't have justified buying the Big Shot - now I wouldn't be without it!

    One very busy craft room you have there!

    And no, I don't work in the attic, I live in a 16th Century thatched cottage and the eaves come down low in every room. The floors aren't level either (which give me an idea for next week's photo!) and the walls aren't flat. Makes furnishing it VERY interesting!

  26. Sorry to hear about the loss of the Big Shot.... I know how it feels to loose something !!!
    Love you crafting space... looking around is giving me lots of ideas for when I start over in the Uk
    Claire x #49 (i think)

  27. Bummer about your Big Shot! Great Clothes though and I love your photographic tent set up! Happy WOYWW #93 ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  28. Oh my! My Cuttlebug (yes, the one that supposedly can never break) broke a while ago. I was devastated, but the shop where I bought it replaced it for me. Thats why I buy there you see.
    Nothing like some retail therapy to make you feel better. Hope your big shot gets sorted very soon.
    Happy WOYWW

  29. What a shame about the big shot - think you need to get a replacement. Like your scheme for visiting WOYWWers. I haven't been able to get around much with comments lately (life has just got in the way) but determined today that I would - so I started with all the posts that ended with 5 or 0, then went on to those ending in 1 and then 2 and so on - you never know, I might get round everyone - lol! x

  30. great post, love how your stuff spreads everywhere- glad I am not the only one. I too hop all over the blog list, as well as visiting everyone who visits me- takes a few days, but I try & get most people. Happy WOYWW, Shaz

  31. What a shame about your Big Shot. I am glad you went clothes shopping and got great bargains. I love your altered book pages. Good to see you make use of the chairs. I dare not show mine.LOL


  32. RIP BIG SHOT.....I only recently got my LOLA (my name for my big shot) and i know i would miss her if she ever went to crafty heaven. Fab craftiness going on and love the retail therapy. XX Sharne

  33. Rockmans will fix it... your work space looks pretty productive and that you are slowly taking over a chunk of the house... I used to do that till I got banished to the back room!!!

  34. RIP bigshot... long live the new big shot. I've only had mine a year and I dont kno what I would do without it now!
    just think of all the fun you will have 'making sure it works ok LOL
    good to see you use all your surfaces

  35. Yay, you got your new Big Shot. Now you can get back to crafting. :-)

  36. Sorry to hear about your Big Shot, how frustrating. Shopping sounds like a great solutions!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your beautiful comment! Happy WOYWW!


  37. great looking crafting space but there is a noticable lack of something in the white space. Sorry your big shot handle broke off. Friend of mines broke and she wrote Sizzix and they sold her a new one. Retail therapy is a favorite of mine also but try not to do so much any more. Hope you have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  38. OH YES! I have to have my stuff shut away in those cupboards and they are VERY untidy to my eyes ... must have a good sort-out soon1 x

  39. OMG, how awful to lose your Bigshot in such a dramatic fashion, it was clearly overworked!! I think you need to send me all your coolest dies to stop you from breaking your new one LOL.

    Thanks for visiting me. I'm absolutely petrified of the dentist and haven't been for so many years so I'm really having to go through my fear to keep up the dental visits.... baby steps :)

    Have fun with all your goodies now your new baby is here Mr Mojo will hopefully come back out to play.

    Love Mandy xxx

  40. So glad you got a replacement, I'd be lost without my Bigshot. In fact it's on my desk in this week's photo!

  41. Oh I feel so sad for you for your big shot breaking, right in the middle of crafting too! I'm glad your new one has arrived and I'm so glad you eased your pain with a shopping trip :o) Lots going on in your crafty space, lots of interesting goodies to see, thanks for sharing. x

  42. omg i would cry if my cuttlebug went bang, but i would upgrade it to the next size machine up, hope you get a replacement soon x

  43. ohoo do they really break???( Big shots) that's scarrrrry as mine often creeks! and there's no way I could get another one. Great crafting space you have, Happy WOYWW Lyn #18

  44. ok, you now have me eying my Big Shot with worry, lol I walked by it and told it that it better not break ;) You do have a huge area to work in so I guess my space did seem tiny to you! I really would love to know where you got the light box from?

  45. Me again. That "Taj Mahal" thing is actually a metal tea light holder. Its not made of paper but I think with those Pattern Around The Page things you could probably do something similar as its just a box with a curved top really.

  46. Hi thanks for the message on my blog - Fresh as a Daisy - Sharne. The new job is great - Its in purchasing but i am surrounded by creative types in the card design studio and hopefully long may it continue. I do feel a bit of a traitor to card makers as I now work for a large card company (650 stores and growing) in the UK - CARD FACTORY but a gorl has to earn a crust and it is vaguley creative......

  47. How awful your Bigshot breaking like that. I have got a cuttlebug which I love but was thinking of asking Santa for a Bigshot for larger cards. Not sure now. You have a fab Crafting area. Thanks for visiting my desk. Anne x

  48. Really liking the look of your altered book, and your space I absolutely adore, thanks for sharing Jennibellie xx

  49. I adore your lightbox and pink lamps! So girly!

  50. Oh dear I would have been in a fury too!!
    and I like the way you do the blogs, lol, I am running behind, as I went to the NEC show in birmingham, and its taken a while for me to get up and running again lol, thanks for your comment, and hope this week goes better for you, xx

  51. New Big Shot arrived! I bet we won't be hearing from you for awhile. I love your round robin page and how cool that you have photographic apparatus. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I left this comment in reply there...Thanks Bridget! If we ever move from here...It'll have to have a huge studio. I've been spoiled!

  52. Sorry I'm so late visiting, lots of fab pics and commiserations re your Big Shot... I'd be devastated without my Cuttlebug (I don't have enough space to have a Big Shot!)
    Enjoy the rest of your week!


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