Friday, September 26, 2008

Sympathy Card

Yesterday I got an early morning call from the US, one that you don't want to get and was told that a close family member had passed away. My nature is such that I go into shock but into an organisation shock and the first thing that came to my mind was to make a sympathy card.

The last time a very close family member passed away was my precious grandpa on my mother's side and I was 5 years old.

I have not had to make a sympathy card for a close family member so I wanted this one to be special being that it was my husband's family so I sent out an SOS to my online groups and within 12 hours they came up with some gorgeous ideas for me that I will take in and CASE when the need arises.

I came up with a few designs and now I am confused about which one to use. The background idea was shown to me by Pru at MSG which I love. The stand alone card designs were CASED from Rikki Showell and is one of my favourite construction cards. Thats frost on the table that you can see slowly melting, it was still hard to touch so I could not wipe it off, photos were taken at 7.30am today.

Thanks go to the following people who kindly shared their own cards and ideas with me Evelyn Spikes, Hitomi Nakatane, Caroline Cassidy, Tanya Kitto, Kathie Hockley, Barb Dare, Kaz1969, Shell B, Judy Carberry, Natalie Nyistor, Vicki Dean, Natalie Alston, Lana Murray, Trish Wood, Andrea Buckland, Margaret Ashby, Laisie Murphy, Doreen Worth, Carolyn (Pilliga Princess), Darlene Grob and Jan (Inkerzaway).

With all the ideas I have I will go away and make more sympathy cards which really aren't sympathy cards but sympathy appropriate and can be used everyday.

Thank you once again to each and everyone of you for your help.
Love and hugs

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  1. Hey Bridget, These are amazing Cards! Wow! How did you do the background on the second daisy one..Please?
    Luv Tracy xx


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