Sunday, March 29, 2009

Barb in mourning Mar 29, 2009

I g0 to a stamp club on Mondays, lovely ladies go there, I will miss them from the bottom of my heart, they are very clever and it's like therapy going on Mondays. Most of us look forward to Fridays because of the weekend but I look forward to Mondays.

Anyway there is a wonderful lady there that comes who keeps us in stitches with her humor and crude comments, I wish when I grow up that I can be like her. She is turning 80 (I think)on April 5th and she told us she is in mourning because of that birthday. She truly is young at heart. So we are going to wear black and make her black birthday cards to go with her mood. I hope someone is making her a black cake, I must remember to take my camera so I can record this momentos occasion.

So here is the card I made for Barb, love ya lots Barb. I'm not sure which one I'll give her, the flowers are slightly different.

If you want to see more photos and the story that goes with this card, wonder over to my other Blog to see it

p.s. just moving my creations over from my old blog

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