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Decorated CDs


When I first saw this technique I put it in the ‘too hard basket’, that was the first year I started stamping, 2002. It was shown to me again at the end of 2006 by Debbie Bridgeman of Heaven Scent and this time around I was ready for any challenge.
Some of these instructions I have modified as I’ve worked more and more with them and found easier ways to adapt this technique.
What to use:
Metallic paints you may use the Neopaque if you don’t like shine or you can use folk-art metallic paint which is a third of the price (in Australia) of Lumieres for the same quantity. The colours you use will be to your taste. Experiment with as little or as many colours as you want.
Car wash sponge, cosmetic sponges aren’t good, you need ones with holes in them
Cd’s used or new
Gloss coat, this comes in two parts: resin and hardener.
In the US it’s called Glaze Coat

Stirring stick or disposable spoon and 2 disposable cups even food cans (after you’ve emptied the contents
Gas or multi purpose blow torch, you can get little craft ones or if this is too much of an expense you don’t want to go to then you can use a straw.
Stamps of your choice and black stamp pad, any type will do, I have used chalk inks, memories, Stazon, Versafine, they’re all good.
Embellishments and Microbead colours of your choice, clear beads are not visible in this technique, so don’t waste your clear beads like I did LOL
Krylon gold leafing pen if you want to edge your cd. Stickles or Kindy Glitz to enhance the stamped images
Scrap paper to place under your work as it gets really messy
Gloves…must have or you’ll be cursing when you get the gloss coat on your hands
Put some ink onto your sponge and sponge randomly onto the shiny side of the cd, the one without the paperwork. Let each coat , if you try and apply another coat it will remove the first coat off when still wet, put as many coats as you want. Two good coats is usually enough. DO NOT USE A PAINTBRUSH. Let cd dry, elevated on a disposable cup or tin (otherwise it sticks to the scrap paper.
Stamp on your image in any placement that you want (it can even be upside down LOL). Let this dry. DO NOT HEAT SET this will make the paint bubble and you won’t be able to stamp on it. Also your cd will bend and warp, trust me I tried all the DO NOT’S LOL
Put in equal quantities of resin and hardener into a disposable cup or can and mix well with a wooden stirrer or spoon. Pour or spoon onto cd that you have placed onto a can or disposable cup, this helps you turn the cd around while moving the resin around the surface. Use the spoon or stirrer to drag the resin to the side of the cd so all areas are covered.
Use your gas/blow torch to remove the bubbles, don’t hold it too close or too long in one spot or it will catch on fire. You can use the straw to blow the bubbles away making sure you don’t get any spittle onto the resin.
Add your beads at this stage. Leave to dry and be sure the cd is level. DO NOT TOUCH just be patient, I have a few cd’s with my finger indentation on it LOL. An overnight drying time should be sufficient in a warm dry climate just to be sure.
Some ideas on how to use these cd's apart from coasters.
These make great clocks, string them up and make curtains out of them, make them into cards by mounting them to cardstock. Add photos to them before you put the resin on, be sure to have real photo paper photos and not photocopied ones (believe me I've ruined some photos using the cheap method).
First published in Australian Stamping and Papercrafts Volume 8 Issue 6 Sept. 2003 as a Masterclass by Wendy Chapman taught to her by Jennifer Stirling.

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