Thursday, July 09, 2009

Megan's Lemon Short cake

I have never met Karen but we have become
friends over the net,
she has a wonderful website with awesome recipes and
this is one of them that I attempted to make

it's called
I guess she got it from Megan
you'll have to trot on over to Karen's blog to
read about it

ok why does mine look so different?

there's a story to it and I hope my husband isn't reading my
blog because this one is all his fault but I love him to death
and I think I've forgiven him.

I was making the above recipe for a card night
2 weeks ago, hubby asked if he could help
well don't you ladies know that when husbands
offer to help you take it!!!

So I did and I thought the easiest thing he couldn't
get wrong was to follow a recipe and finish what I had started.

My instructions to him were
"can you make up the second half of the recipe
and when the buzzer goes off follow what it says,
I'm off to clean the rest of the house that
the card makers might go visit"

...that was a load off my mind, or so I thought

I hear the buzzer go off and I wander into the
kitchen just in time to see him lift up the bowl
of mixture and lose control and the bowl flies out
of his hand and onto the floor

...............insert expletives here...........real bad ones from me

I did not know mixture could fly so far and so high

2 weeks later I am still finding hardened mixture
of lemon, sugar and eggs all over the vicinity of the kitchen.
The day after the 'accident' the kitchen smelt of eggs.

I've forgiven my husband and I still love him...only just
needless to say I haven't attempted to make this recipe again
I am still traumatised by it

So what you see is the shortbread offerings that came out of the oven
and I must say it makes good shortbread but I would leave it
in the oven for the rest of the 15 mins

It's a really nice recipe, you should try it!!

Thanks Karen


  1. very funny - trust me it's really easy & very yummy - maybe I can do a cooking demonstration on stage at convention next year & you can demo something with tart & tangy ;-)

  2. You're on woman, maybe I can bring my husband along for the funny bits!!


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