Saturday, December 03, 2011

Friday Fences #10

This strange recycled fence is down behind our place
again it doesn't keep anything out
so I have no idea why it was put up
it's made of a sort of plastic
We had a bit of drama yesterday not far from home
what normally takes 1 minute to drive from where
 the bomb squad were to home took me 45 minutes
due to the road closure
Hope over to Janis' Blog to see more gorgeous
fences and scenery behind them


  1. It's definitely different. It looks like it should serve some kind of purpose. :)
    Bomb squad - that's scary.

  2. I guess it's suppose to just be art! Wow bomb that was scary!

  3. those look like they might have rope or chain that would go through the holes in the top. Don't know, but it's interesting. Love your pictures!

  4. You are doing very well finding your so called non existent fences. Great job.
    That would be very scary. B

  5. I am impressed at what you find where for your fences!! :-)
    what a drama - and what a long trip home! Great shot though.

  6. That first fence is unique and I wouldn't want to be anywhere near the second fence. You did a great job of capturing them both.

  7. The plastic fence perhaps encloses space, separates the tame mowed lawn from the wild long grass beside the water.
    The second fence, that the bomb squad set up, has no artistic merit, but, again, is functional!


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