Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WOYWW #131

I had to have containers to keep everything in its place
Sticky stuff
Pens, rulers, scissors
Odds and ends, left container holds stuff ready to do
These chocolates just sit there
I never get tempted to eat them lol
Of course the regulatory band aid for the fingers when
I accidently clip it or punch it hahaha
Ok hop on over to Julia Dunnit's blog to see all the other
desks this week


  1. Nice snoop around the desks.Have fab day and creative week ahead.Im like you i can have box chocs sat for months without being tempted,now bag crisps thats different
    hugs judex

  2. Hi Bridget - I have taken the photos of my desk/studio!!
    Love those chocs sitting there - I have a block of chocolate that can last for months too ;-).

  3. Love your work desk and please can I have a chocolate if everyone else is passing them by? lol

  4. I have a mania for containers. Boxes to hold my things in when going out to stamping things (like 3 big wheelie bags, 2 nappy boxes from my early days and an Art Bin tote type thing)boxes for all manner of things on my table, in my cupboards. You could say I have some kind of box disorder.
    Nice to meet a fellow sufferer LOL.
    Take care. Hugs, Neet xx

  5. Awesome organization with your containers there! I love that everything has a place to go! Hope you have a great week. Merry Christmas! Vickie aka Okienurse

  6. I've got boxes for organisation too - I hate things just being scattered around the place. That is some serious willpower you're displaying if those choccies are left for more than one day!
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  7. yes the best container is the one with the sweeties!! Thanks for my snoop! Have a great crafty week HaPpY WoYwW!
    ((Lyn)) #31

  8. What a great desk I would have the choc box emptied in no time. Have a lovely Wednesday, Laura

  9. Trouble is Bridget, the odds and ends container becomes the biggest and most overwhelming! I like the idea of a basket of chocolates though!!!

  10. Love all the bits on your desk, glad someone else cuts themselves on simple things. Those chocs wouldn't last 5 mins in my house.
    Have a great day. Von #25

  11. And you have light...light...light! I don't have natural light except in the morning. ;-)

  12. Wow! you have chocolate and never eat it???? Would love to say I could be as disciplined but I would have to scoff the lot!
    Wishing you a wonderful crafty week,
    Helen x

  13. Not a big chocolate fan myself, usually end up giving away the ones I get for Christmas but boxes and containers are another thing - you can never have too many.
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving a comment. Yes, I am lucky to now Neet and Jo personally and both are as lovely in real life as they are in the blogger-sphere
    Ann B

  14. I can't believe those chocs just sit there and wait!! Aren't you GOOD!?! Thanks for letting us snoop i all those storage spots.
    Please your swap arrived ... I haven't received mine yet but it will get here soon no doubt so don't worry. Will let you know when it does.
    Love JoZarty x

  15. Ooh how organised. Love your busy desk! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #56

  16. love the busy desk and the miracle of the choc box... if I did this I would only ever be photographing an empty box... xx

  17. Such a tidy and organized desk Bridget. I don't know how you keep the lint balls there without being tempted, they are my favorite chocolates!

  18. Great idea about putting all the sticky stuff together! You NEVER get tempted to eat the chocolate? Hmmmm.... :^) Patsy from


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