Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WOYWW #133

Australian Christmas

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday, well this is the last one before Christmas and second last one for 2011, are you ready for 2012 yet?
Christmas cards in production mode (NOTICE: the chocolates are still untouched LOL)
 Every spare space was used to dry the liquid pearls
 Adding all the elements
The finished product 

 My Spellbinders Grand Calibur SKU: GC-001 is less than a month old and the white cutting plate is already well worn on both sides ROFL, so I had to go and get a replacement one.
Hop on over to Julia Dunnit's blog to see all the other desks this week
Just a quick squiz and update on my knee, more stories and picture of how it came about here.
Here is the updated photo of what it looks like today, a week after the fall

Happy Birthday to Jude who is giving away blog candy


  1. Hi there Bridget, wow do I love these cards and the production line you have there, what a great idea!
    All the blessings of the season as we celebrate the birth of the dear Lord Jesus and the greatest gift of all, love Shaz in oz.x

  2. Gorgeous cards Bridget, love how they have turned out.
    Happy WOYWW and Merry Christmas.
    Cathy @23 xx

  3. gorgeous makes bridget...thanks for the 4 days to christmas peek of your workdesk...wishing you and yours a wonderful christmas...hugs kath xxx

  4. Beautiful cards, what a production line! Happy Christmas.

  5. Gorgeous creations!Have very Merry christmas and please pop by i have candy on offer
    hugs judex 22

  6. Hi Bridget
    That knee does not look to be getting any better, hope it is a lot less painful now.
    Love your card, it is a really classy beauty and you should be very pleased with it.
    Adore your Surfin' Santa - I have a stamp by my side as I key this in which shows Santa in the sea which came from Australia (says Christmas island on the stamp) but the addie was either Golbourne or Leichhardt.
    Anyways, have a lovely Christmas and my best wishes to you, your husband and your two beautiful daughters.
    Hugs, Neet #4 xx

  7. Love the christmas card and your 'production' line. I do mine that way too! Your poor leg! It looks like it still is painful. Hope you and your family enjoy a Merry Christmas holiday. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44

  8. Hi Bridget, great fun festive post today. Beautiful classy cards but Oh! that knee. Poor you. I do hope it heals soon.
    As well as blogging it, I emailed you privately to thank you for my wonderful swap received! Doesn't sound like you received it. It really was special with so many lovely items on top of the planned Thank you again!
    Have a wonderful Christmas,
    Love JoZarty x

  9. Love your cards ... hate your bruise - OUCH! Do hope you have a lovely Christmas and that the new year brings you only good times. Looking forward to crafting & blogging with you in 2012. Love Debbie #61 (I think - forgot to look!) xXx

  10. Love the cards, but your poor knee! Having been thru a bad back for a week myself, I am all sympathy.

    Happy WOYWW and have a joyous and merry Christmas!
    Mary Anne (#1)

  11. Cor, that bruise is impressive!! Poor you, lots of arnica should help....
    And you still not have touched those chocs on the desk, what resolve are you showing, impressive. Wish I could do the same... :)
    Wishing you joy and happiness this Christmas,
    Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

  12. Great cards - hope your knee is better soon. Have a wonderful Christmas. Sunshine Girl – No 38

  13. Happy woyww and hppy Christmas! Hope your knee is better soon, fab cards! Trace x

  14. Lol, love your surfin' Santa dude! Great cards, quite the production line you've got going there. Knee looks... colourful! Hope you all have a great Christmas.

    Brenda 71

  15. The Christmas cards are so beautiful. Love the colors.

    And the bruise - oh my. Love those colors too! ;-)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    WOYWW #82

  16. Ow Bridget! Your bruise is a work of art in itself! I think you should be resting that leg..
    Your cards are gorgeous, worth the drying time!

  17. Love those cards, you little busy bee, I hope your leg is getting better each day, x x Merry Christmas, Hugs May x x x

  18. Just dropping by to greet you and your loved ones a joyful and blessed Christmas season! Wow, you got a lot of cards done! That looks like a bad fall. Hope it gets better right away. Thanks for sharing your life and projects with us in your blog!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  19. Wonderful card Bridget - glad to see someone else who does a production line for Christmas cards :-).
    That knee is impressive - still!!
    Take care my friend
    Christmas Blessings to you and yours

  20. The blue on those wonderful cards is a lot more lovely than the bruise - rest well during the hols! Thanks for sharing in such a busy week! Hope you have a very festive and wonderfully merry time - see you in 2012! Sarah at 11.

  21. Hi Bridget, your knee looks very sore - hope the bruising disappears soon.
    Love your ornament colours on the cars - I love blue.
    Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.
    Ann B

  22. Oh gosh, Bridget, you have done yourself some damage - those bruises look sore. I hope it all clears up soon for you. Your finished card is beautiful - love the non-traditional colour. You've reminded me that I should replace the cutting plate for my Cuttlebug - the original is now a rather strange curved shape. I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday. Elizabeth x #46

  23. OUCH!!! Poor you, lovely shade though, do promarkers do that shade?

    Must admit to having to find space to dry liquid pearls myself, but they were for youngests cards, lol, out the door and all over the Banister lol
    Happy belated WOYWW and if I dont pop back before, Merry Christmas,
    Lou #34

  24. Those cards are really wonderful and the finished product is just beautiful... rest that knee as much as possible and hope it isn't too hot on the big day...xx

  25. Ouch! You give the colour purple a whole new meaning! Nice cards though....I fell bad commenting on them while the thoughts of your knee are dancing in my head, sorry!

    Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas with family and friends and All The Best for a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year!

  26. That is such a kind offer there Bridget and thank you very much ... hope you will have a very happy Christmas - if you have time and still have nay left my email is on my profile but please dont bother too much at this very busy time of year. I just love it that you thought of me, love and God bless you for your kindness, Shaz.xx

  27. I lvoe that blue bauble card. The colours and design are fabulous. :) Best wishes for a speedy recovery with your knee! Merry Christmas and all the the best for 2012.

  28. Really love the Christmas cards-I shall try some edge punches & scoring paper strips for rosettes soon. Hope the leg is getting better, thats a wicked bruise. Speaking as someone who bruises if you even look at me hard, I know they can be quite painful!Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Shaz #19

  29. Great cards strewn across your craft spaces! I like your Aussie Christmas picture! My favorite is the echidna! A blessed Christmas to you and your family! Patsy from


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