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WOYWW #144

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What's on your Work Desk Wednesday
Many of you commented and laughed at the fact that I chose to put my craft stuff on my bed and sleep on the lounge (first night-got a crick neck), then moved to the spare room for the rest of the week, yes it took a whole week to clean out the junk and 'redesign', and I'm still not done yet. I was so buggered by the end of it. I have to tell you a story about my priorities, I was in the US with 3 bags full of stuff which was over weight, so I took all my clothes and shoes out of my bags and left it with hubby to bring back in 3 months time when he was returning from an 18 month work stint to Arizona-wide eyed (as men usually are at our craft shennanigans) he asked me what I was going to wear when I got home-to which I replied STAMPS lol, because that's all I had. I wasn't going to wait 3 months for my new stamps to play with,
I already had clothes at home to wear!!
MEN!!! Sorry Neil you are in a different league.
Saw this posted on the WWW, there there, now none of us should feel bad about our mess, I don't
That's my excuse for a messy desk but I'm sticking to it!!!

So this is what was on offer for Craft Friday with Cynthia
Firstly I had a disaster
The TV fell off the chair as I was trying to put a new sheet of paper on the table ready for crafting. Hubby said I purposely dropped it as I had been locked in the house for 4 days cleaning up the messy craft area with no car to go shopping and going stir crazy hahahaha, 
that's his story and he's sticking to it. 
Only the TV and I know the real story, sadly it is now deceased so my word carries!
But he kindly came with me and we bought this one
Check out that car, HDMI is really cool, now Mr Crafty is jealous that I have High Definition TV and he has Digital TV (big difference in picture quality, for those of you who don't understand tech terms either like me. Mmble grumble from hubby who audibly whispered-she has an awesome tv and doesn't understand what HDMI is???) pppppfffffttttt that's why I married a tech head right ladies?

Voila tidy desk, I know some of you will zoom in on the 
food platter I served to Cynthia. I took this from the window side so you can see the untidy corner that is now revamped 
with the fold up table and some shelves

Quadratini (bite size wafer cookies), Coconut M&Ms, White Wings white choc and macadamia cookies, Seaweed rice crackers. Sorry Cynthia I completely forgot to bring the cheese platter back out again from the fridge. She scored the chocolates and the two
 little boxes of chocolates to take home.

Mersey Valley Original Vintage cheese,
Castello White with green peppers cheese
That dip is to die for, its Red Rock Deli-Thai chilli,
lemongrass, coriander and cashews yumm

Lunch was Spaghetti/Lasagna. Hubby laughed at my name for it, well thats exactly what it was, spaghetti with meat sauce  and cheese put together lasagne style.

Cynthia and I, when I discovered I could use my iphone to take a photo of us and also see us in the screen, it's only taken me a year to figure that out hahahaha. Give me a computer anytime, I can work it out, but mobile phones bamboozle me!!
Hop on over to Jan's place to see what other people are up to in their craft areas.

I am moving all my photography posts HERE


  1. Oh Bridget, you really made me laugh at your post. You've really been up to allsorts! I love the quote too and I think it is so right!
    Keep smiling....
    Love Jo x

  2. Thanks for thew laughs Bridget - are you now enjoying the new tidy craft space??
    So that's how you get a new tv!! Don't think it would work here....

  3. You are just too funny, Bridget. From your smile, it seems you had a good time crafting with your friend. I'm glad there were good days there, you deserve them!

  4. You do make me laugh hun...Love your p[ost and how the stamps
    Looks like you had fun and a nice feast..oops soz to hear about the tv but new one looks better.I am not a techy either havent clue half time thats why i married techy guy makes life easier doesnt it!
    Have fab Woyww and creative week ahead
    hugs judex 9

  5. Fabulous way to get a new TV! (looking around to see if anyone is watching before I 'accidently' push the very old kitchen TV on the floor.......) Trish #64

  6. I think our hubbies should set up a support group. They just don't get our crafting obsession. But they can be very helpful with the technical side. Looks like you had a great time with your friend.

  7. I can just picture you emptying your case and putting the stamps in and clothes out, so funny. I showed my hubby the saying about organised people, but he still thinks I'm just messy. Thanks for the tip on how to get a new TV, I will remember that.
    I can see you had a great time with your friend, what a feast.

    Thanks again for your help with the word verification.
    Have a great week.
    Von #37

  8. Hi there Bridget sad about the tv but now you have HD ay? and so agree with stamps beating clothes anytime,are you waterlogged down there at all? thanks so much for popping over, and for sharing. Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #32

  9. Great post! Hilarious. When will women and men understand each other? Never and long may it be so!

    Happy WOYWW


  10. Love the quote it made me (lol), great post so funny, wonderful time with your friend and yummy eats, lovin the craft space, Have a super week, hugs May x x x

  11. Great post Bridget, it really made me laugh and I love the quote!

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  12. OMG, no wonder it took too long to load your page, it was heavily filled with laughter! Thanks for the daily dose! From now on I will imagine you covered in stamps.
    Pop on over to check out my blog give away.

  13. You crack me up! I love that you took stamps home with you instead of clothes, and I can just see your husband looking at you, HA! I also am amazed that he hasn't exchanged the TV's and taken the better one for himself, figuring you might not notice in you technology flux! The food tray looked amazing, I want to come visit! waving hi from the beautiful hills of North Carolina :)

  14. Oh no-- the tv!! Looks like you got a great replacement though ;) and that food is looking delish!

  15. Love your stories Bridget and that you have your priorities right - how could he not understand.

    Ann B

  16. your post made me smile,especially about leaving the clothes with hubby,food looked yummy,happy crafting,x

  17. men never understand anything lol - great food there looks lush

    thanks for the snoop
    judie xx

  18. My hubby doesn't understand the things I do in order to get my crafty fix either. Funny post TFS!

  19. Lol your post made me laugh! Totally something I would do! Forget about clothes give me stamps! :)

  20. Hi Bridget,
    You are too funny! Yep, I'd probably have done the same thing!! I mean, really - you do have to take advantage of the different shops in different parts of the world! Maybe you put together a "wish list" for you husband before he returns home! ;-)

    That car does look amazing!


  21. Hilarious post. Sometimes you have to take drastic measures to get a new tv, I completely understand. ;-) PS also love the saying about organized people!

  22. Oooo, new TV! You lucky girl!
    Aeryn @ #68

  23. Oh you did make me giggle. Ahhh tv, but nice shiny new one! Fab pics. Take care, enjoy this WOYWW, it's now Thursday & I'm still doing the snooping bit in shifts! Zo xx 60

  24. Oh Bridget, how funny!! I couldn't agree more with the quote, although I am at the stage of earning for some order at the've done a great job at your place. So great to see you and Cynthia having fun, and....Oooh, wonderful tray of eats!

  25. I would have left the clothes too!
    Always more at home!!!

    When that has happened to me, I just squeeze them into my husbands case as he is usually underweight! But with your husband staying, you did the next best thing!!!teehee

    The Tv story was sad but certainly with a happy ending.

    My daughter has sadly left Australia and New Zealand and is now in Thailand for 18 days. Then she heads off to Endgland, Scotland and France. What a trip!


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