Sunday, August 03, 2014


I was unpacking and found these magazines that my work was published in and discovered I have never blogged them, so here goes.

Australian Paper-crafts Magazine
One of my favourite techniques using alcohol inks on gloss card and acetate 

 This was an ATC again made with alcohol inks on gloss card and grease proof paper resist
at first I didnt like that the inks didnt take in certain areas I called 'flaws' but in crafting there is no flaw. They actually turned out really good-these white space flaws. I never throw out my flaws, I leave them to rest and for me to accept them. I am a highly OCD person when it comes to crafting as you can see from my designs

The Rubber Gazette
I made these Christmas ornaments to give one year instead of christmas cards. I always felt that Christmas cards get put away and forgotten but ornaments will get taken out each year and adorn the trees. The ornaments in the middle are triangle dominoes I decorated.


  1. WOW - I did not know you have been published - well done and they are fabulous creations.

  2. Brilliant creations Bridget and congrats on being published!! Thanks so much for showing!!!

  3. Great projects, Bridget!

  4. Yay Bridget, way to go!! Fabulous creations, I even peep one of my favorite stamps in the mix :-)


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