Monday, April 13, 2015

1st Postcrossing Postcard Received

I checked my postbox in anticipation today. Its been 24 days since I joined Postcrossing. Receiving that first postcard is exciting in itself. You know it's coming, you don't know where its coming from or from whom. This one came from Taiwan from Rita. she wrote that her Uncle had taken the photo of a famous place in Taiwan, unfortunately she didn't tell me what that famous place was called. Isn't it gorgeous, so green and lush and magical. Reminds me of the Twilight Movies of Stephenie Meyer

It was sent on 27 March 2015, 16 days to travel, 6705 km. This is the stamp that was on the envelope, gorgeous hey, I love stamps and collect them as well.

I love Taiwanese handwriting, so clear and precise and so small and neat. I had a friend in highschool that was Taiwanese. The envelope is so cute too and I love the Taiwanese flag on it.

On our homepage on Postcrossing, there is a scrolling screen that shows the cards being sent and received and boy that scrolling goes pretty fast. 

 I managed to capture the scrolling data of when I acknowledged the receipt of the postcard, it took 5 minutes to appear after I hit send.

This is the register screen showing the statistics of the card. 
  1. The ID of the postcard so it can be registered: TW 1561000. TW=Taiwan
  2. From who
  3. When it was sent
  4. To whom
  5. When it was received
  6. How many kms/miles it travelled
  7. Travelling days
  8. The picture that I uploaded of the postcard and my message to the sender
Here are some Postcrossing Statistics:

546,634 members
216 countries
225 postcards/hour
29,167,944 postcards received
472,103 postcards traveling
147,724,531,542 km traveled
3,686,202 laps around the world 

Check out this bit of cuteness on the news today. 4 koalas are being gifted to Singapore, they enjoyed first class experience on Qantas. What a load of cuteness.

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  1. What amazing bamboo in that photo, Bridget.


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