Saturday, April 11, 2015

Potato Leek Chicken Soup

It's almost that time of the year for most Southern States in Australia, it's called soup season, yummy soup season, one of my favourite seasons when it comes to cooking. 

1 leek diced 
 1 can cream of chicken soup concentrate ( any brand will do) 

Continental Asian Laksa soup to give it that kick you want 
you can omit this if you don't like chilli

100g diced smoke speck
1 roasted chicken breasts diced
1 kg chat potatoes cubed small
100g butter

 on low heat melt butter

Add the leek and saute for 5 minutes stirring constantly so it doesn't burn

add smoked speck and saute stirring for 2 minutes

add roast chicken and stir through

add potatoes, can of chicken soup and packet of soup Asian Laksa soup

add a can of milk (the chicken soup can is used as a measure), add 1 can of water

cook stirring occasionally to stop it burning until potatoes are cooked



  1. Oooh Bridget, this looks DELICIOUS! Unfortunately I am on a light, very low fibre diet at the moment so leeks are out, but once I've recovered and get myself a high speed blender I shall be eating all this sort of thing again!! Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the photo my hubby took of me with the teddies. I was very worried about my poor hubby. His face looks a lot better now but he's still got a large haematoma on his forehead. The panda eyes are much less noticeable now! Thank you so much for thinking of us both and especially of him - these past weeks have been almost harder for him than for me, I think.

    I am very, very happy to be home now, and my recovery is going well. I have a minor problem with skin irritation around the stoma but hoping the stoma nurse will help with that when I see her on Monday - she reassured me on the phone on Friday that this is a common problem in the early days. It's all a learning curve!

    I have almost completed replying to all the wonderful messages I've had from all my lovely friends around the world! So many... so much love and kindness. I am looking forward to updating both my blogs with news.

    I can feel my creative mojo returning, and with the return of my strength I shall be back in my ARTHaven getting stuck in again!


  2. Ohhh Bridget - what a rib-sticker of a soup - love the sound of it, but there would be way to much for just us too.... and DH is not a great soup fan - but he does like my plain leek and potato soup :-).


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