Tuesday, April 28, 2015

T Tuesday Bitter melon

I kept the Achacha seeds and skin from a previous weeks post and dried it in the sun, hopefully we can plant the seeds and I wanted to experiment with the skin to see if I can make tea with it like my Bael Tea which I will show you another time.

To the right is Bitter Melon, also known as karela, very good for cancer and diabetes and other ailments. I was told to salt it and rinse the salt off to take the bittterness out of it. It worked but the salt cooked my gourd and it shrunk to half its size.

I cut it up as small as I could and put it into a beef stir fry. But the first mouthful I could taste the bitter melon so I added my mango kuchela to it and that did the trick LOL.

Joining Elisabeth and Bluebeard for T for Tuesday

Apologies for not getting around to everyones blog last week, got called into work everyday with shift hours and just couldn't keep up with myself. Definitely going to visit all this week.


  1. Your dinner looks very appetising, I hope you enjoyed it. Happy T Day :o)

  2. Wow, I knew salt had a dehydrating effect, but nothing THAT extreme. I look forward to seeing the tea made from the skin. Very interesting. Also, I like your new blog banner.

    Thanks for sharing your bitter melon and stir fry with us for T this Tuesday,

  3. I just made a beef stir fry with rice for hubby and son over the weekend but I KNOW they wouldn't have eaten it if I added Bitter Melon! Glad you found a way to balance the flavor:) Happy T day!

  4. Interesting melon - one d0es not normally asssociate melon with bitterness - glad you could cover the bitterness!

  5. Wow.. this looks so yummie!
    Wished I could taste it!
    Happy T-DAy Bridget!

  6. I've had beef stir fry, but not like this. I've never had bitter melon. I wouldn't have thought about putting melon into the beef. I look forward to hearing about the tea. It sounds like it'll be good :) Happy T Day!

  7. Yet another fruit that I've never heard of. I guess I don't get out much! :)
    HAppy T day!!

  8. Well the food certainly looks good. Good you were able to find a tolerable recipe fir it . :)

  9. Your stir fry looks yummy - even though I don't eat beef and I've never heard of bitter melon! Chrisx

  10. I've never seen Achacha seeds or the bitter melon. You are adventurous!
    Happy T Day! :)


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