Friday, May 01, 2015

PostcrossingPostcard Numbers 4 and 5

They are coming in thick and fast and I love when my postbox has mail in it, don't you?

4th postcard comes from Poland and Katarzyna (love their names too). Unfortunately I dont now what this building is as the writing as you can see below is covered with gorgeous stamps. Maybe one of you can tell me.

5th postcard received is from the Netherlands and Nathalie. This is one of my favourite ones as it is antique and an advertisement card for Gas. Nathalie also has gorgeous handwriting.
Of course the stamp is below. The number NL-2956784 is the identification code provided by Postcrossing so we can registered the card to let the sender know it has arrived at it's destination thus allowing the sending to send another card to someone else

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  1. What fascinating postcards. :-)


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