Tuesday, May 26, 2015

T for Tuesday

Photo heavy post
Another teapot I forgot to show 

 We went to Warner Brothers Movie World on Sat because last year it was cheaper to buy a yearly unlimited pass at $109 than to buy the daily pass at $99. We also got to visit Sea World and Wet N Wild, we still haven't made it to Wet n Wild-its now winter and probably too cold to be in the wet
The ride above sounded scary from all the screams. I took these photos on my IPHONE 6, it has a very good camera on it and the day was perfect with lots of sunshine
 Hubby went on the ride above, I waited and waited and still he wasnt on the ride, about 6 rides later I saw him on the last carriage below. He had to take off his hat and glasses, obviously as the ride went sideways 
This was the entrance area, the road looks like a real road
 This is my kind of ride, hardly getting off the ground hahahaha
 The ride I did go on was very tame except for 2 spots where it dipped and the last drop was huge, I screamed my head off and they had a photo of me doing just that (ugly scared look hahahaha), so we got drenched on the way down. When you come off it this is what greets you, a human dryer hahahaha, because you do get sopping wet. Anything to make money huh.

 Michael went on a scary ride, this one went upside down he's on the last carriage again. 
 I managed to get a photo of him as he sped past above me, they sit in the chair hanging down. My heart was palpitating even though I didnt go on any of the hair raising rides

 We had some lunch there, $20.00 per person, all you can eat which wasnt too bad. I forgot to take the before photo. Michael had only pizza.  I didnt like the pizza because it was tasteless so I had the salad below and a second helping of it. Dessert was pathetic as well so we skipped that
 Love this old car that was parked at the entrance
We saw stunt driving skills second to none. How they missed each other was beyond my comprehension, they must have practised a lot. A lot of burnt rubber could be smelt. A fun day in all, I slept on the way down (1hr drive) and slept on the way back. (I wasnt driving LOL)


  1. What magnificent photo's but I'm with you; wa-ay too scary for me. Well actually, I think probably not scary, but they would all make me rather unwell, to be polite. So I steer clear. Lol. Happy T Day :o))

  2. Oh, ps - I love that cockerel Tea pot, :o))

  3. What a FUN day! Love the tea pot, too!

  4. Loved the teapot Bridget but those rides you can have them all to yourself.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  5. I have been driven past those parks, but have yet to go in there :-) I think I would stick to the more mild rides too!

  6. Wow.. what a great park! Would like to be there! Thank you for sharing Bridget! Happy T-Day!

  7. I'm with you, Bridget. I don't care for scary rides, and those look incredibly scary. You got some awesome photos, especially of your hubby. The teapot is a winner, too. Had to laugh at the human dryer.

    Thanks for sharing this fun theme park with us, as well as the teapot, for T this Tuesday.

  8. Thanks for sharing your fun time and another cool teapot.
    Your husband is a thrill seeker...I would definitely be standing at the curb with you Bridget!
    Your photos helped tell the story nicely (I enjoy photography so much all of my posts are full of photos...I have the iphone 6plus and could not be more pleased with it)
    Happy T Day!

  9. What a great teapot!

    I prefer the tamer rides, too. I do like tall ferris wheels, but upside-down roller coaster type rides are more fun for me if I watch other people riding them lol.

  10. I don't do scary rides either! ha ha...but it is just as entertaining watching everyone else...love the photo of your hubby in the last car being pushed by superman! wonderful post...love all the photos!

  11. Looks like you had fun! I don't do scarey rides either. My favorite is the merry go round.. yeah everybody just looks at me like really? But i love riding the beautiful horses round and round to music... Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  12. Wow, you got great photos with your phone! I prefer just to look at the rides, not actually ride them. :)

  13. I'm another who doesn't go for the scary rides. I can just about handle the tamer ones at these parks. The day did look beautiful and those were fantastic photos from your phone! Happy T Day!


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