Friday, August 07, 2015

Interesting Reading

Great timing photos

Snail Mail Ideas

100s of envelope templates

Great DIY ideas

I've been following the story of the beloved Lion Cecil, here is the LETTER from the
guy who hunted this lion whether deliberate or not

Top 20 forbidden places you'll never see

18 innocent things Kate Middleton did that the Queen probably hates

Penpalling and Letters

Free printable stationery

Removing adhesive from stamps

Telling the difference between self adhesive and gummed stamps

Your postal blog interesting postal stories

And Friday laughs that i just had to share


  1. Love the "article" - so appropriate as a description of what folk post online!!
    I had a certain ATC arrive yesterday - thank you so much - I love it! It will be added to my wee collection of them :-)

  2. Thanks for the reading list. I had a good time reading and browsing and of course giggling . The article is so funny!

    1. Yes I keep reading that article and laugh and laugh, everyone on facebook should read it


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