Friday, August 14, 2015

Interesting Reading

The funniest horse jump I have ever seen, watch the rider at the end almost keel over the horses head

How to make a coin envelope mini book

Another one

I found this link from a Postcrossing member-see we just dont deal in postcards only, I have learnt so much from this community. Anyway this is a LINK to how Keep Calm came about. There is also a Keep Calm app that I downloaded that is interactive

Down to Earth Rhonda - I read this religiously everytime she posts, no post is boring IMHO. It's very earthy reading - pardon the pun. She also has some interesting LINKS which gave me the idea to share with you all just like on facebook.

Well I may live longer than I intend to according to this BLOG and here I was thinking that Chinese food was very bland compared to their counterparts in Asia like India, Malaysia, Singapore pssst and you cant drink alcohol

Post office with no stamps  It would be interesting to see how long mail put there will get picked up and delivered.

Typhoon affected postboxes in Taiwan to stay due to public interest

Never before seem pictures of Diana and Charles wedding - I love the Royal Family, any royal family

We all need a cleaning routine, I knew my 15 minutes 4 times a day is paying off HERE's proof

Heres my cleaning schedule , I was having a debate with the other half, he didn't think I did any housework HAHAHAHAHA, I told him the house cleaned itself, then I got really cranky and wrote down each chore and how much time it took me and this is my list. He never said a word after that, so now I do the housework when he is at home so he can SEE it doesn't clean by itself. Some of the chores I do in less time depending on how much is required or how dirty or how distracted I get. Did I miss anything?

Window sills 1hr
Windows upstairs 2hrs
Windows downstairs 1hr
Window Security Grills 2hrs
Door knobs 30mins
Light switches 15mins
Floor Sweep 2x  30mins
Floor Mop 2x  30mins
Kitchen bench top 10mins
Kitchen floor 15mins
Kitchen sink 2x  2mins
Kitchen cupboards doors 5mins
Stove 15mins
Kitchen wall/splash back 5mins
Fridge  30mins
Freezer  defrosting takes 2 hours 30mins
Furniture dust 2hrs
Bathroom shower 2x  30mins
Bathroom mirrors 2x  5mins
Bathroom sink 2x  10mins
Bath 15mins
Toilet 2 x 20mins
Car vacuum 30mins
Car wash 30mins
Car interior 30mins
Lawn Mow
Drain clear 10mins
Hedges clipped
Grass raked
Balcony sweep 2 x 20mins
Cobwebs/Nests 30mins
Strip bed linen and wash 1hr 15 mins

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  1. You go Bridget - and hand some of those jobs over - DH is now putting the washing out since I have had Carpel Tunnel surgery :-)


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