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PCAD - A Postcard A Day 42 - San Antonio Texas USA - Jerry Clayworth

The Greetings From cards by Ewa Slocinska of Postallove are very popular in Postcrossing , but there have been some spinoffs. Ewa only makes one per country, but I have seen others made of different states within a country. I love them. 

Jerry writes the main feature of this postcard is the Tower of America and was built as a centrepiece for the 1968 World Fair, very much a popular attraction today with a restaurant, bar an observation deck at the top.

San Antonio is situated in Texas USA. I had the pleasure of meeting my husband online when he lived in San Antonio and I went to visit him there. I love the Riverwalk, it is a beautiful place situated on a river full of restaurants. 

It has a Mexican influence food wise, actually the whole of Texas has a Mexican influence and its the best Mexican I have tasted. 

Jerry writes Texas  is the biggest state in the Lower 48 (what does he mean by that?), is rich in cultural diversity, great music, good food (I can vouch for that) and friendly people (again I second that). Jerry you must go out and visit the whole state
We originally swapped for a map card. I love map cards and my collection is growing. Its a sort of getting to know you a place. I love all the songs they make of places in the US, I listened to them growing up in Fiji. I remember the song about Amarillo, I cant remember who sung it-probably my old flame Elvis hahaha. I went to Dallas to meet the in laws. Visited the Alamo which has a sad history
Jerry also included these wonderful postcard posters he designed. They are very good, what a talent he has. I have a soft spot for graphic designs

Now the stamps are to die for, Jerry was kind enough to indulge in my stamp collecting and put gorgeous stamps on the envelope, some very historic stamps too. 
THANK YOU Jerry!!!

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  1. What a fabulous card, and great posters too. You really are enjoying these cards Bridget. Are you making any cards at the moment?

  2. I really enjoyed your post today Bridget! So many things to look at. I love the Greetings from... San Antonio.You must have precious memories from there.
    The Postallove site is stocking the Greetings from Spain one again so I have ordered 20 last week. Soon I hope to participate in the swap too.
    The stamps are truly stunning!
    Have a great weekend!


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